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PayPal has denied our refund online order received from Ross Swimwear.com. I returned the merchandise as requested and I also gave Paypal the USPS tracking order showing the item delivered back to the company.

When you go on Paypal's site according to there policy contact owner Chic Fab LTD using there published email on their site link to escalate your complaint doesn’t exist. This is a fraudulent transaction (scam) and PayPal should not have excepted payment transfer with ChicFab LTD.

Oh, and that intermediate company, ChicFab? The “verified” email address they used with PayPal, tcreate0404@***.com, now returns an “undeliverable” message in Chinese.

Bottom line: avoid these people like the plague.

Even if they ship the right product, it might fail in a week and now you know how you’ll be dealt with if something goes wrong.



Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

PayPal Cons: Refund policy.

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Count me in - $83.30 on June 1st from this Chicinfos LTD same username tcreate0404@***.com and still no swim suits. Feel like a right idiot to buy via Facebook and Paypal.


COUNT ME IN . I PAID,$32.98 for a swimsuit back on june 16th..no swimsuit .

*** me off.

I will never order anything on line again. my first and last time, calling my bank tomorrow..


My mother purchased 2 bathing suits from chicinfo Ltd and PayPal was quick to hit my card, but did not refund me when I never received the 2 bathing suits. This is a scam. Do not purchase anything from this site.

@Avigayil Xqb

Same thing happened to me. The ad came up on Facebook.

My bank account was charged $49 but I have yet to receive my lace dress. I will never order through an ad on FB again.


same for me. waiting for my order placed June 9th.

trying to get money refunded from my charge card.

charge card company is looking into it cause Pay Pal doesn't respond to me. 29.98 dollars lost but better get money back Pay Pal not good

@Tadhg Nge

Same thing happened to me- very frustrating. PayPal should flag this vendor so this doesn’t happen to anyone in the future. When I tried to tell PayPal this they hung up on me- very disappointed and very poor customer service.


I placed an order on June 12, but have not received anything except an email from PayPal saying I was charged $79.66.


Same Story for me. Except they have no even bothered to ship anything to me and were over 30 days since i ordered from this Chicinfos LTD same username tcreate0404@***.com Im so pissed off!

I better get my refund. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM


Uh oh. Same company I ordered from and haven't heard anything.


same email account tcreate0404@***.com being used for PopUMart.com now (March-April 2020) -- also a scam! still waiting for my alleged refund for an order I never received..........why is PayPal allowing tcreate0404@***.com to accept payments if they've been complained about before?




Well, count me as one more scammed consumer by ChicFab. Why does FB and Instagram still carry this company and why does PayPal send payments to them if they know it is a fraud?

@Blanch Log

I'm still waiting for my order! Of February 11th. I spent $56.00 in merchandise!

@Blanch Log

You can count me as another! I haven’t reached out to PayPal yet.

I emailed the company today. But from what I am reading it looks like I won’t be hearing from them.


From all the comments, I guessed I've been scammed like everyone else who ordered from this company, ChicFab. I'm out $70. I think I'd better not use PayPal anymore either.


Me, too. I also notified Instagram because that is the site where I ordered the blouses.

Also, I notified Instagram and now I am filing a complaint with the state US Attorney General's office where I live.

I doubt if I get my money back, but at least one or more of these organizations can recover my money. I will never order anything again online through Instagram or other media sites unless I know for sure they are legit--like Amazon.


Does anyone have a phone number for ChicFab?


I ordered 108.09 In ChicFad LTD in July 24,2019 today is Nov 9 2019 NOTHING! I emailed then no responds!

I am in the same boat everyone! Loss of 108.09!



Me too july4th and nothing!!! Such crap!!


Same thing happened to me with the same company. I don't understand how PayPal still allows them to do this after all the disputes and complaints with this company.

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