PayPal has denied our refund online order received from Ross Swimwear.com. I returned the merchandise as requested and I also gave Paypal the USPS tracking order showing the item delivered back to the company.

When you go on Paypal's site according to there policy contact owner Chic Fab LTD using there published email on their site link to escalate your complaint doesn’t exist. This is a fraudulent transaction (scam) and PayPal should not have excepted payment transfer with ChicFab LTD.

Oh, and that intermediate company, ChicFab? The “verified” email address they used with PayPal, tcreate0404@***.com, now returns an “undeliverable” message in Chinese.

Bottom line: avoid these people like the plague.

Even if they ship the right product, it might fail in a week and now you know how you’ll be dealt with if something goes wrong.



Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Paypal Cons: Refund policy.

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I agree. How is PayPal getting away with this? They are liable.


This is ridiculous that this has happened to so many of us including me - ordered two suits on June 15th - *** - I will never order anything unless through Amazon now!! No suit only charged through PayPal.


I have a problem also with a company called chi infos Ltd , PayPal refuse to refund me the money , never got my merchandise completely and I have to return what I have received to the address provided by the seller , and still PayPal refuse to refund


I’m still waiting to be credited!!! 96.72.

On June 11 th!!! Same scam!!!


Got suckered I to another IG ad scam! When will I ever learn?


i dont even have a return slip tried to contact co. but dont know how tried to phone cant find # tried to e mai sell un deliverable


What website did you guys actually go through for the dress? I used “moddcute” which was linked to this PayPal email tcreate0404@***.com.

I’m guessing they have multiple websites? Has anyone actually gotten anything they’ve ordered?


I have received 2 shirts love them, i was very skeptical but they delivered in 25 days and am 5'6" 135 ordered M and they fit perfect. USA


Well, I wished I had researched this site better before ordering. I actually thought I was ordering from an online company I used a couple of years ago and was very pleased.

I made my payment through Paypal for $122 for 5 bathings suits that were on sale. This was on June 12th and I haven't heard a thing from the company CHICINFOS LTD or received the items. I got skeptical when I only received a confirmation from PayPal but no confirmation from the company. I sent an email to tccreate0404@***3 on June 20th and haven't heard back.

Looks like this is a scam. What is PayPal's responsibility for refunding the consumer, especially if they knowingly make payments to company's they have received complaints on? I'd like to cancel the order and get a refund, but don't know how to go about doing that. No one answers their phones, even though the message says this call will be recorded.

Record away! But you have to answer first!!


Is there any type of number to contact these people? I ordered a bathingsuit May 27, 2020 still haven't received it!!!! I just want my money back!!!


I paid $39.09 for a swimsuit a month ago, never received, I'd like my money refunded.


Me too! Wondering if anyone has received any of the items ordered.

I ordered through PayPal in early June. I had no idea that the actual transaction was going to tcreate0404@***.com.


Same email, different name: CHICINFOS LTD. Same situation with PAYPAL- no interest in solution. Monetary loss: $79.18


Same here. PayPal is sending our money to a known SCAM operation. We must have some recourse.


Me too!


Count me in - $83.30 on June 1st from this Chicinfos LTD same username tcreate0404@***.com and still no swim suits. Feel like a right idiot to buy via Facebook and Paypal.


COUNT ME IN . I PAID,$32.98 for a swimsuit back on june 16th..no swimsuit .

*** me off.

I will never order anything on line again. my first and last time, calling my bank tomorrow..


My mother purchased 2 bathing suits from chicinfo Ltd and PayPal was quick to hit my card, but did not refund me when I never received the 2 bathing suits. This is a scam. Do not purchase anything from this site.


Same thing happened to me. The ad came up on Facebook.

My bank account was charged $49 but I have yet to receive my lace dress. I will never order through an ad on FB again.


same for me. waiting for my order placed June 9th.

trying to get money refunded from my charge card.

charge card company is looking into it cause Pay Pal doesn't respond to me. 29.98 dollars lost but better get money back Pay Pal not good

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