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PayPal has denied our refund online order received from Ross Swimwear.com. I returned the merchandise as requested and I also gave Paypal the USPS tracking order showing the item delivered back to the company.

When you go on Paypal's site according to there policy contact owner Chic Fab LTD using there published email on their site link to escalate your complaint doesn’t exist. This is a fraudulent transaction (scam) and PayPal should not have excepted payment transfer with ChicFab LTD.

Oh, and that intermediate company, ChicFab? The “verified” email address they used with PayPal, tcreate0404@***.com, now returns an “undeliverable” message in Chinese.

Bottom line: avoid these people like the plague.

Even if they ship the right product, it might fail in a week and now you know how you’ll be dealt with if something goes wrong.



Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

PayPal Cons: Refund policy.

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Same thing is happening to me, but with Chicinfos LTD. It is probably the same company, but switched company name.

Don't buy from Beachsissi, PopPalm, or CupShe! I looked up reviews for these types of sites and they all have the same issues happening with take a picture of measurements, compare to the size chart and send us a picture. It's either items never shipped, dirty/used clothes, promises of refund, etc...

They all have the same type situations. Just buy "Made in the U.S.." Even Zulily, which I love, I have to check the shipping time frame otherwise they are selling merchandise directly from China and it could take over a moth to receive or never get.


I had the same experience as a number of other PayPal users ( another China-based company to totally avoid is DRESSLILY) and offered to send them back as well, but never got a return address. Can you post the address you returned your merchandise to? I'm filing a claim with PayPal and they're requiring I file a complaint with my state's Consumer Protection Agency before going further.


I have also been scammed by this company in exactly the same way. Other aliases they use include CHICFAB LTD, CHICINFOS LTD, ADORELOOK, tcreate0404@***.com.

I have reported tthem to the Action Fraud Squad Police in the UK. who are presently investigating these companies. If you are UK based. Please also report them to the Action Fraud team.

The more complaints they receive about these companies, the more chance with have of getting our money back or at least stopping them trading.

They must have made millions using this scam. $77.63 USD is what they scammed me out of.


They also scammed me out of $64.37. They offered me $5.00 to go away I said NO.

Than they offered me $10.00.

I have tried to get paypal to do something and they gave me the same email address that does not work. What is going on with paypal to let these people get away with this scamming


I reached out to the Chicinfos Ltd for a adress to return two swimsuits. I was given an adress and returned the swimsuits.

When I tracked my package and called the location I was told that it was not their merchandise! I was scammed. I have not received a refund and they have not returned the merchandise to me.

PayPal is NO help! I will cancel my Paypal account!


I have also experienced exactly the same treatment from this company. Unwilling to send returns information/ label.

They Even suggested I give the items to a friend instead??!!??! PayPal have been useless.

If anyone has any ideas about how we can move forward please let me know. $77 USD lost to this/these companies


I got scammed too. Paypal denied my request as well. So disappointing in this gross company as well as paypal for not doing the right thing.


I too unfortunately ordered from this company... I know want to return the items as they do not fit but can not find an address to do so.....


Ask PayPal and they will provide u with the address , ship ur items and keep all ur receipts and show PayPal that I r not the only one , the company use the same email but different company name


I just received mine and I wanted to return them. I placed the order on 7/6 and received it with in a week.

However, I can't get in touch with the owner as per PayPal contact owner info.

I was scam again twice in less than a week $82. Paypal needs to stop Scammers- *** CHINA!!!!


I just received a suit ordered 7/4... wrong suit !!!!

Now I have to try to return it. Quality seems good though


Ugh, I ordered the same value worth of items June 30th and haven't seen anything yet myself.


I did just receive 2 suits I really like. At least for the price.

They fit nicely.

Not sure about the process to return. I just have no idea what website I purchased from


Ok I kept writing to PayPal and I provided a copy of messages from here that shows I wasn’t the only one who was scammed , I also looked online for other post and people complaining about the seller , I told them to investigate and they did and I got my refund , don’t lose hope , fight for ur rights , we have to stop scammers and sellers who commit frauds , they need to ban the seller , write to PayPal .


My response to PayPal after they said they were in contact with the seller and the seller agreed to refund me my money after I returned the product. The return shipping address is in China: The item has to be sent to the following shipping address: CHICINFOS LTD 思明区天一楼巷32号 厦门市, FUJIAN 361000 CN This company is a scam.

I tried to go to their website (www.joyinchic.com) and it's no longer available. The estimated cost to ship this to this address is $70+. Why would I spend this to lose money? Paypal is supposed to protect it's consumers which is why I bought this through you.

I would gladly send this back to them if they send me a return label.

Either way, I expect a full refund. Tracking number and shipping vendor: 00000000000000000000, No One


Where is my merchandise or refund?


Hi, I've experienced something similar. Chicinfos LTD tcreate0404@***.com.

I received my item after like 3 weeks and am just now trying to exchange it for a different size.

I've emailed twice with no response. I'd be interested to know if anyone makes headway into contacting this company.

@Leshay Rjs

I have $200.00 worth of merchandise, two sizes too small. When I received the items, there was no check off list or return slip enclosed.

I can't seem to find a phone number or address for this company.

Anyone know how to contact CHICINFOS? if not, I'm done with ordering on line!

@Leshay Rjs

Let’s get together and do something Let’s create a petition Complaint to bbb about PayPal and I am sure if we do more search we will be able to find other website where we can complain about PayPal and how they help scammer


The bag where the merchandise arrived it will an address in California not China . The seller will give u a wrong address an accuse they never received merchandise, they are fraudulent scammer, we all have to stand together and fight and not let people like them take advantage of us or take our money

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