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PayPal has denied our refund online order received from Ross Swimwear.com. I returned the merchandise as requested and I also gave Paypal the USPS tracking order showing the item delivered back to the company.

When you go on Paypal's site according to there policy contact owner Chic Fab LTD using there published email on their site link to escalate your complaint doesn’t exist. This is a fraudulent transaction (scam) and PayPal should not have excepted payment transfer with ChicFab LTD.

Oh, and that intermediate company, ChicFab? The “verified” email address they used with PayPal, tcreate0404@***.com, now returns an “undeliverable” message in Chinese.

Bottom line: avoid these people like the plague.

Even if they ship the right product, it might fail in a week and now you know how you’ll be dealt with if something goes wrong.



Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $77.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Paypal Cons: Refund policy.

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PayPal compain number enquiry,,96093,,19184:,//96093,,19184,,Any type issue to solve now any hours support here


Exactly my same scenario. Don't order anything from ModFond or ChicMe.


Yup. I did receive my order.

took one month. Can't get ahold of them.

Cheap crap. I'm out $140.





I want to know what I bought from you. Marcia Smith Order 402935****


Time and again this company is getting away with screwing people, their products ar e horrible quality and missing half the order. Followed all pat pay protocol and beeyond.

They did bpnot stand behind me although i cooied many dissatisfied reports sent to Bbb. I persued with my credit card company. They helped me. Good luck and stat away fromthis company.

Most disappointed inPay Pal. Never thought that could happen.


What a waste of money! I ordered a "cozy" sweatshirt....it is a RAG with no coziness.

Is there any recourse for duped custopmers?I I wish I read these reviews before spending $60.00 on pure garbage with no label anywhere...including in the sweatshirt!

I hope PayPal refuses to do business with them in the future. What can I do to get a refund?????


Oh man . I wish I had found this site before ordering. Now, I am really worried.


I agree that this company is a scam company and should not be able to conduct business. There should be a law !!!


Am also facing hot sit also


ordered from them and have not gotten anything from them. would like my money back.

But don't know how to notify them or to get the product to get it back. Please advice.


The clothing I received all ran due when hand washed before use, shocking and no way to get a refund or correspond with, learnt a lesson there,


Completely agree! Chicinfos Ltd is a scam.

No packing slip with purchase - no return instructions - no phone number - invalid email of tcreate0404@***.com. Wish I had paid attention - Lost $130.00.


I ordered from Chicache.com and actually received my items, but with no return label. It shipped from within the US via USPS.

I'm currently in a week-long argument via email with Chicache's customer service team, and they are trying to offer me $5 and keeping the items when I paid them $126. I'm livid. I made a report on the BBB website and opened a dispute through my credit union. My transaction was made through PayPal, but after reading these comments, I won't even bother contacting them.

I found out through Facebook another name for these scam companies is Charm Peachy and Charm Rosy, along with a billion other names. Lesson learned: Don't buy from companies that only have positive reviews with hardly any comments on their social media pages, and don't buy from China.


PayPal has stopped working for me!!!!!


I filed a dispute with PayPal for charges against my bank account from a company called Safecharge Digital Limited. I was charged $300 for gold, problem is I never ordered any gold and never received any gold.

PayPal supposedly reviewed my complaint and found that it was not an unauthorized charge. I filed an appeal to that decision and within 24 received notice that it was not an unauthorized charge. On their own Community Forum are multiple complaints against Safecharge Digital Limited for charging people for things they never ordered. Safecharge Digital Limited is out of Cyprus and lists 2 employees with an annual revenue of $9 million US dollars plus, so scam charges are lucrative.

The internet is loaded with complaints against them plus other Cyprus based companies.

I have removed all of my credit cards from my PayPal account and am opening another checking account that I will keep $50 or less in to enter in PayPal and when I have to pay my PayPal credit, I'll transfer money to the new account from my primary bank account and end any chance that any other company can do this to me again. I did file a fraud report with my bank.


i just got scammed by them too


Same thing is happening to me, but with Chicinfos LTD. It is probably the same company, but switched company name.

Don't buy from Beachsissi, PopPalm, or CupShe! I looked up reviews for these types of sites and they all have the same issues happening with take a picture of measurements, compare to the size chart and send us a picture. It's either items never shipped, dirty/used clothes, promises of refund, etc...

They all have the same type situations. Just buy "Made in the U.S.." Even Zulily, which I love, I have to check the shipping time frame otherwise they are selling merchandise directly from China and it could take over a moth to receive or never get.


I had the same experience as a number of other PayPal users ( another China-based company to totally avoid is DRESSLILY) and offered to send them back as well, but never got a return address. Can you post the address you returned your merchandise to? I'm filing a claim with PayPal and they're requiring I file a complaint with my state's Consumer Protection Agency before going further.


I have also been scammed by this company in exactly the same way. Other aliases they use include CHICFAB LTD, CHICINFOS LTD, ADORELOOK, tcreate0404@***.com.

I have reported tthem to the Action Fraud Squad Police in the UK. who are presently investigating these companies. If you are UK based. Please also report them to the Action Fraud team.

The more complaints they receive about these companies, the more chance with have of getting our money back or at least stopping them trading.

They must have made millions using this scam. $77.63 USD is what they scammed me out of.

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