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I am a trader. I live in Pakistan and work on line with traders of UK and USA.

With the help of a UK trader I opened Pay Pal (US) Account. There were my 50 Million USD in my account. Mr Sherma (Indian national) become Pay Pal (US) Manager. When he noticed that I belong to Pakistan he started raising observation.

He sold out my account and started using my money for his own business OCTAFX. This is the talk of 2015 and he is still using my money for his business and Mr John Silver owner of Yahoo com is his partner.

A large no of complaints have been made but Mr Sherma is reluctant to pay my money. I request from any body who is competent to bring my money back from this man who says himself broker and use to loot people money on line but USA CIA has closed eyes They have left this man free.

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