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Since I made a formal complaint to Pay Pal they have taken no action at all. They refuse to provide a Complaint reference, a means of contacting their Complaints Department or their Complaints Procedures.

On May 26th that Pay Pal said that they were sending the documentary evidence I had previously given them to the client's credit card company in order defend me against the client's fraudulent claim for a refund. But on August 1st they still had not done so. Meanwhile Pay Pal had set a debt collection agency Wescot on to me and I was being harassed to refund money I did NOT owe to my Pay Pal account. Since August I have had only some nonsensical email messages from Pay Pal.

For example one Pay Pal message asked me to provide "evidence of shipping the item" . A holiday apartment in London is hardly something you" ship" across the Atlantic. At no time has Pay Pal addressed the complaint I have made against them. Yesterday they repeated in exactly the same words the promise that they had made on 26 May - i.e.

to send documentation to the credit card company who had made the refund claim. It is of course now too late for that action to have any impact (even if they now did it) as there was a 75 day time limit and it is now 13 weeks later.I have spent hours and hours trying to get some sense out of Pay Pal complaint system.

Original review posted by user Jul 31, 2020

I used Pay Pal to administer payments made by non-UK clients who wished to book my holiday flat and pay using a credit card.

My terms and conditions stated that rental payment are NON-REFUNDABLE unless the dates were re-booked by another client. A booker who was well aware of these T&;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;C cancelled in late March her booking in April.

I refused a refund in line with my Terms & Conditions. She raised a dispute with Pay Pal. In April Pay Pal adjudicated IN MY FAVOUR on the grounds that the accommodation WAS available to her. Then in May, Pay Pal suddenly but a debt of £656 on my account.

I protested. They said the client had made a claim on her Credit Card on the basis of it being a fraudulent transaction. They said that Pay pal would deal with this for me. Obviously I have no access to the dispute myself and so could not take action to defend myself.

The dispute remains "open" still on my Pay Pal account at July 31st! Nevertheless, Pay Pal have set a debt collect agency onto me and are harassing me for a payment of £670.

I have tried in vain to get a phone call through to Pay Pal. it is impossible. Furthermore, the website no longer shows the earlier correspondence between me and Pay Pal during late March and April.

I have had to send the debt collection agency copies which I saved at the time.

this company is a disgrace and clearly does not have any compunction about harassing traders for debt when there is no debt owed. Nina Anstee-

Monetary Loss: $670.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Paypal Pros: No pros as far as i am concerned.

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