Since October my account has been very confusing as payments from my bank have been rejected and shown as a refund. I had been in touch with my bank and they have not received any payment demands from PayPal.

Then i got a late payment charge of £12 and a default notice.

Wrote back to PayPal but never received an answer.

Then i was told to pay £206 as it was due, then it disappeared again.

This sent me into a panic and had to borrow money.

Made a complaint and was told my account was up to date and in order

My installment plans have changed the amoiunts owing leaving one of them back to the original amount whe i have made 2 instalments.

I want my account locked at any credit given back to me for late payment etc.

I have copies of my statements with all the mistakes on them and screenshots taken for proof of what has happened.

This has caused great distress to me and my family. Your contact system is not fit for purpose.

I am hard of hearing and find it impossible to use the phone i was told that this is the only way that i could contact anybody. Disability discrimination at its worst

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

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