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I cancelled my account because of the terrible customer service I got on ONE issue.I received a notice that my bank declined a debit card payment.

In the email, there were no instructions on who to contact at PayPal to resolve the issue (Strike One). So I researched it through my bank, who told me there was no problem with my card, and that they did not even see an attempt made by PayPal to charge in that amount against my debit card. They recommended that PayPal simply reprocess the request. I go to my PayPal account and my current, active card was flagged as being declined.

I was not allow to resubmit it as my payment method through the website. NOR WERE THERE ANY INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DO THIS! (Strike Two). I then called the number I finally found through the Call us page.

Having no clue as to how to address this, I had to listen to all the options and guess what option I had to choose. I ended up in the wrong department (because there was no information on who to contact to correct this issue). After talking to the first person, and having to explain the entire situation twice, as well as clarify what had happened (Strike Three-- bad training) -- I was put on Hold. By now I have spent over 45 minutes researching this issue (including the 30 minutes I spent on the phone with this less than effective customer service person).

By the time he got back and told me I to talk to Collections to resolve this issue, I was getting very annoyed. I was upset that I had to go to COLLECTIONS for what appeared to be a PAYPAL issue! Ok, so was put on hold and transferred. Either Agent no.

1 either didn't write up my case, or Agent no. 2 didn't take the time to at least read the notes. So I have to explain my story in full for a 3rd time (Strike Four). Agent #2 tried to explain that the declining bank is one that I no longer have an account with -- which is quite odd because on the screen I saw it was quite clear that my preferred card was the one active with the bank that I currently do business with.

(By the way, I did try to remove the other bank information a while back, but it obviously did not "take." -- strike six, faulty interface.). Agent #2 was quite condescending -- which is very insulting, especially to someone who is already annoyed (Strike Five) Actually, I had told him when I started the call that I was already quite po'd, and that I had already spent 30 min on the phone with PayPal. So we get it authorized. Follow-Up -- Then, I get an email follow-p "We've added a Credit to your PayPal account ...

We thought you'd like to know that we've added a credit to your PayPal account." They did no such thing -- they corrected the error that THEIR system created. Adding a credit implies that you have given me some extra money for the time and inconvenience I experienced (Strike Six) Additionally, that "we thought you'd like to know" line is condescending (Strike Seven), and entirely inappropriate for a financial transaction (Strike Eight), I am a professional business writer and I would no more use such a phrase for financial correspondence than fly to the moon.

My bank doesn't send me little messages saying "We thought you'd like to know that your paycheck was deposited." or "You may be interested in knowing that you are overdrawn." Finally, there is no link to a survey or comments in the Follow-up Email (Strike Nine).(Actually, there is a strike Ten -- I found the Feedback Link and the comments only allow 1000 characters -- so I had to basically send the above review in little batches) I've cancelled my account

Review about: Paypal Credit Card Payment Processing Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Better training for your employees/contractors, better website development, better follow-up on customer service issues, better feedback mecahnism, better resubmit process for issues that were NOT created by the consumer (or the consumer's financial insti.

I didn't like: Way i was treated.

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