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PAYPAL. Consumer doesn't matter. Seems that to paypal only money matters.

I unsuccessfully spent several hours trying to find out information about paypal's policies concerning my account and in resolving a payment to ebay. Paypal is a business that does not earn the trust of the public to ask for sensitive information such as your social security number, date of birth, financial accounts or credit/debit card numbers. Their customer service is disastrous. When you call paypal which is not even an 800 number, the pre-programmed system asks you for the last 4 digits of your credit card number regardless if you have an account or not. It does not provide an option to speak with paypal representatives without providing said 4 digits unless you persist and repeat "Agent" about 100 times while trying to keep your cool. What if you just want to speak with someone to feel safe about opening an account with them? You have no choice but to find out that the live persons who finally answer are trained to read from a script with no authority to resolve issues or answer any question in depth. I wonder why they haven't been replaced by robots yet...who just like the programmed voice system are designed to make you struggle with the recording to keep you from reaching a live person who could actually be helpful. I wanted to make a one time purchase for 80 dollars on ebay and was asked to open a paypal account even though the payment page offered a guest payment via debit/credit card only to repeatedly decline processing. Opening a paypal account requires providing your SSN and/or copy of your driver's license and all other personal information which I did not feel comfortable providing after a day long of frustrating customer service experiences. What if later on a real issue came up as you can read about in so many postings made by disappointed paypal users... How can anyone trust a company that lives in cyberspace and can't be reached for the most part, who doesn't even provide an email address in a visible manner, impossible to find for the general public, which only lets you speak with people somewhere in the Phillipines, India or where ever in the world who don't do anything more than read a script in dealing with someone? The long wait on the phone is another frustrating predicament. After all we are dealing with people's money in the hands of a business that lacks transparency, integrity and consistency according to my experience with them all day today. On top of that they have limited hours of operation in which they can be reached. This is unheard of for a financial business of their magnitude with some 179 million accounts!!!!!!! I had to call 4 times requesting to speak with a supervisor. Once I had her on the phone, she told me that I can use a 'my cash paypal card' to add money to an old existing paypal account that was established before the requirements of providing all your sensitive information. Since I already received contradicting information from paypal customer service all day, I double checked on the 'my cash paypal' website and called reaching a live person (which was almost impossible due to similar phone recordings) only to find out it wasn't so. You can find so many online posts by angry people having had horrible experiences with paypal that I wonder why the public puts up with this! I have lost all confidence in dealing with paypal and providing sensitive information to them. I understand that it is mandatory for financial institutions to request a SSN according to the Patriot Act, but a company that is impossible to reach, has misinformed, badly trained representatives and doesn't even provide an email address to the public is a shady operation that should not have the right to request private information. They even require that sensitive information if anyone just wants to add a bank card to paypal. WHY???? That person's validity has already been verified through the bank that provided him/her with a bank card. You can use a debit or credit card anywhere on the web to make a purchase without providing your SSN. This is seriously flawed with paypal! They monopolize on ebay payments and collect more information by millions of people than necessary, freezing their accounts and holding their money for some 180 days with questionable excuses. Is that how they've become so profitable? For all I know know, they are not trustworthy in my book. For the benefit of the public, these and all other negative issues and experiences by people dealing with paypal need to be addressed by as many people as possible publicly to have paypal correct their procedures and customer relations so that the public is no longer stressed by self serving paypal actions and protected from such dubious business practice.
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customers be aware:when a web encourage you to use your credit card or bank account through PayPal as a "safer option" it will turn your money into gift card!!! you'll never be able to return and credit your credit card or checking account ,the only option will be to get store or company's credit!!! just made a huge purchas from Target's web and when i returned few items,i was issued store credit as the only option so i am stuck with $200 store credit. i spoke with Target's customer service and found out it is wreaten some where at the "agreement of term "that nobody ever read.
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It's not their fault you can't read....or spell.

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Paypal Account

Paypal idiots refunded money after i shipped!

i shipped merchandise when i was advise consumer paid. they reversed transaction and refunded the money not once but twice. i am now out the cost of merchandise as well as two refunds. there are no people to speak with... only computers programmed for certain events. i unable to find a human being to help. dont get screwed get off of ebay. when i wrote this *** he realized he was way ahead. now he wont take my call. i have no idea if h is a crook or just a *** but the real tragedy is that ebay and paypal are also guilty because they dont give a ***. why should they ... they are shovelling in money.
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Reasons like this is why I only do in person sales. Craiglist!

Ebay and paypal are nothing but money hoggers. Hungry hippos.

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NO help from PayPal for refund from NAS1 LTD. Never received the product.

DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH PAYPAL, THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU WITH REFUNDS BUT THEY WILL COLLECT THEIR FEE!! AND DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH A FOREIGN COMPANY NAMED NAS1 LTD. I am disappointed in PayPal and NAS1. I placed an order with NAS1 LTD on 8/1/10 and as of today 10/28/10 I never received the product. I contacted PayPal several weeks ago and they told me there was nothing they could do. I went through PayPal because NAS1 is in a foreign country. I have ordered from them before and I have received 2 out of 4 orders. I went through Gmail on my last order and received a refund. However, PayPal service rep said she would email NAS1 and attempt to get the product or refund for me. I ask her when would she do this and to forward me a copy of the email so that I could forward it to credit card company as proof of an effort for a refund. She said she would. It's been more than 3 weeks and there was never an email sent. When I finally contacted my cc company, they said PayPal always tell people that there is nothing they can do. But if you look on your cc bill you will see billed by PayPal and the company. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH PAYPAL!!
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