Pay Pal fowarded my first Pay Pal

Cash Credit Debit card ending in

The Last 4 digits 6907.That Cash

Credit Debit Card never arrived by the U.S. Postal Service Delivery

To my Address.At the Time i was

Waiting for My Cash out Payment

Bonus Amounts under Amazon

And Pay Pal to be direct deposit

Into my Pay Pal Account w/ last

4 digits ending in 3753 for play-

Ing Starry Cash.

Please deposit the correct bonus

Cash Amounts due to me under

PF9R6QL for Amazon and Pay Pal to reflect the Amount stated

Under Activity under the Pay Pal

App because my first debit card

Was stolen and not delivered

in the Mail as stated by Pay Pal

Customer Service.

I,was with out the Debit Card

Ending in 6907 as it was stolen

In the Mail.At the time i met

All Criteria for the Starry Cash

Game i just did not have a Debit

Card 6907 that was stolen.

As i,currently received a new Pay

Pal Debit Card in the Mail ending

in the last 4 digits 3753.

Judy Bell,Disabled

201 985 ****


User's recommendation: Request expedited delivery to recieve a second Pay Pal Debit Card to your address because the first Card issued over the Phone was stolen before it reached My address.

Location: Passaic, New Jersey

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