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you have requested me to buy gift card's then give you the numbers.

you have no records of my purchases and fraud credits.

I cannot contact you, my next step is to contact the FBI.

Location: Irrigon, Oregon

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Probably a scammer impersonating the company. You probably picked up a virus on some shady site you went to.

Scammers' goal is for you to be afraid that they know more info about you than they truly do, and they have access to your money. It's a tactic to try and pressure you into buying gift cards and handing over the gift card info. If they truly had access to your account it would already be drained of all the funds. They wouldn't be trying to make you get gift cards to pay them off...

As a precaution, call your bank and un-link your account with PayPal. Tell them why and they will help.

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