Like 4 months ago I had $1200 stolen from my account deposited from my unemployment and the person that stole it had it sent to their account I immediately contacted PayPal and filed a fraud report and had proof and screenshots and within like 2 days the didn't event emai me or call they just sent me a message on PayPal stating that there was no proof of fraudulent activity even though I had the proof and not once did they even ask so I ended up being persistent because I just can't afford to just give away $1200 and basically Ike 6 times total I called and all they did was send me the same message over and over they didn't care or have the respect to even call or talk to me on the phone! I recently had $8,000 deposited to my PayPal account and I immediately transferred it because I no longer trust or like PayPal and I am in the process of getting a new bank.account somewhere else anywhere is better than PayPal at this point in my opinion

User's recommendation: Be careful and honestly if you have better bank options Take it because PayPal showed me that PayPal only cares about PayPal nothing else.

Location: Port Orchard, Washington

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