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I printed the label and it has arrived and I still don't have my money or it's on hold

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I sold an item. And PayPal said my account was inactive for a while. However, they only listed 4 tranactions.i had bunch of transactions in past. But they put most recent 4. Wtf then they said well within a day of person receiving item. He even verified it that it came today and they said my money would be release but it's still on hold. I've had alot of business in the past and tgis is the first time there doing this too me. Bullshit. Tracking said it got there today!


today! And it says your money Wolf be released to you immediately Here's the tracking number for you PayPal and if you like the receipt and if you would like Me to provide the tracking number which I am and that is happy with it and it arrived today within A-day and Here is the tracking number and here is it proven that it was delivered today and I should receive my money but it's still on hold what the *** I never had this happen PayPal my life Hence stupid but keeps telling me wrong information keeps telling me all this and that and it says click active and you get your money faster by putting a label. I already put the damn label on I purchased it on the person got it already so what thou you tell me to do that for come on man take my money off hold so I can transfer it please this is ridiculous Check out the tracking yourself because I'm tired of people telling me out the community saying O guide to hold out yeah while if you updates tracking well it's already there and the guy likes it OK so hes gonna confirm it which he did I am sure so I don't know what's going on tracking number below you need a receipt you need the arm conversations I have let me know


User's recommendation: If you haven't done business in a while but evenbif you do everythibg right your money will still be on hold.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Paypal Pros: It sorked fine before.

Paypal Cons: Very poor resolution centre, No response no solution, You do everything they tell you what to do no resultt, Not customer friendly wont admit to fault, Cares nothing for what they do to customers, Suck big time, Money hold did everything right.

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