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Paypal My Cash Card Review from Boston, Massachusetts

I was scamed out of$ 3,400 a couple of weeks ago thinking I was buying a truck on e Bay.All the paper work looked lagit and I even called e Bay asking if this was a scam and the girl I spoke with took my e mail adress down and came back on the phone and said it was ok.They say you are being recored but its funny they can't find the recording.Another thing why is paypal handing out cash to people who don't have the cards I have the cards.They are making it easy for these scam artists to steel peoples money.I saved for two and a half years for that money then Pay Pal My Cash said they would send me paper work to me almost two weeks ago so I could send them all the messages that I had recieved from the seller and e Bay motors .I have not got anything yet.Pay Pal My Cash should be able to find out where those numbers on the back of the card were cashed.Im stsrting to think thet sre a scam them selfs.
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PayPal review in Boston, Massachusetts: Buyer gets a refund plus the item

I sold a laptop on eBay listed by using ebay's listing system which adds defaults without the sellers consent and added a description of the relevant information to determine the parts of the laptop including the exact processor model. Buyer the seller emailed first about the condition of the laptop despite the large amount of pictures documenting the condition of the laptop. Buyer then proceeded admitted to attempting to flash the BIOS of the laptop which software not designed for the laptop which is puts the motherboard at risk of permanent damage. He then proceeded to claim he had problems with the BIOS after this attempt. Buyer then proceeded to message about getting a refund. Buyer then proceeded to extort me for 50 dollars off a 320 dollar transaction (15%). I offered $30 dollars to simply avoid the long process and attempt to keep him happy despite the buyers remorse which Buyer declined. These contacts where all documented through eBay's messaging system. Buyer claimed the product was not an ASUS product and I uploaded proof from the ASUS website where the laptop is registered. Buyer claimed the windows was not genuine and I uploaded the email of the receipt of my purchase of windows. Buyer made various claims which I proved where false. The case was decided in favor of Buyer however I believe that data should be open so that sellers and buyers know which proportion of cases are decided in the buyers favor which I believe was public would be shocking to sellers.
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I have used paypal three times to sell items on ebay and two of those three times I've not received the payment because of paypal's screwup. When I called the service number-long distance the rude ignorant person I spoke to blamed me for the problem. Also, it took her an hour to get it straightened out. Last time payment wasn't received at all, and paypal did nothing about it. I don't trust them, they know how I felt and I am very hesitant to use their service and do not trust them at all!! Horrible!!!
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Strange,I have used paypal over 5000 times over the last 4 years and never had not 1 problem.Maybe Im just lucky.

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PayPal Has a One way policy

Reading the hundreds of complaints about PayPal, I soon realized that I was not alone! We use PayPal as merchant account and payment method for our Ebay Store. We pay them very good commission and they everything was fine until we received our first dispute. Customer filed it after 4 weeks of having the products and we could not take the merchandise back. This was clear in our policies that customer agreed to. Here are few blurbs of what PayPal friendly staff had to say: " Your policies don't mean a thing" " It takes 4-6 weeks to resolve" " You agreed to our terms when you signed up" Paypal put a hold on the funds, when they did not find them on the PayPal account, they reached to our Amex card! We filed a charge back against them, they were pissed! The following day, they froze our account and made us verify it again! 6 steps of verifiecation. We felt that were spanked! They certainly on a one way street, all they care about is PayPal and their funds. Our policies don't mean anything, yet theirs do? We asked to be reimbursed for the PayPal monthly fee while we could not use the service. Guess what, they refused. It is in their "policy". In summary, we are closing our merchant account, we are happy with Google checkout, simply put, PayPal will rob your money if you are not careful. Cheers.. PS: Vote with your feet! walk away!
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