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Someone hacked our PayPal account, and ordered a nearly $2000 computer from Levono. We caught the withdrawal during our daily check of our bank account, and notified our bank immediately.

Our bank stopped the payment and reversed the full amount back into our account, less a $35 fee. We then alerted PayPal of the breach. A few days later we got an email from PayPal telling us the dispute had been settled on our favor. Subsequently we got a call from a PayPal person demanding we pay PayPal the same amount.

We argued that we hadnt ordered the computer, hasnt received the computer, and that we didnt owe PayPay for that bogus transaction. Your representative insisted that we do owe PayPal regardless. The discussion got heated. A few days later we called PayPal again to try to get the issue resolved.

After another brief snd frustrating discussion with an operator, we asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor had a broader perspective, and after tiring in our bank in a three way call, discovered that our bank had replaced our money, and PayPal had also replaced it. Clearly this meant we did owe PayPal, and we settled the debt immediately without further discussion.

The complexity of this double deposit had eluded each PayPal person, and us, until your supervisor drilled down to uncover the cause of the problem. We still have no idea why PayPal didnt contact our bank BEFORE depositing the money in our account, or why this wasnt obvious to your representatives as they looked through your records of this bogus transaction.

User's recommendation: Dig deeper.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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