The experience was confusing and unsatisfying. I felt ver helpless.

I got locked out of my account after disclosing my Paypal password in reaction to what I later considered to be a fake email from service@***.de. As I am currently living in Zambia and calling the Paypal service center in Frankfurt, Germany was my only option to get help, I was stuck. After waiting in the call queue for one hour I always got disconnected by the Zambian phone company. I did this four times (waiting four hours in total).

I never got to speak to any Paypal servive staff. Finally, I managed to get an online chat going with the Paypal service center for North America, only to be told that my only option was to call their center in Frankfurt...

Paypal Europe/Germany never contacted me, but after waiting for a day I was able to access my account again and change my password. Luckily, no harm seems to have been done.

Location: Lusaka, Lusaka Province

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