I attempted to access the account at the above email address and was told the account was locked. I had no way of getting to a human being to understand why it was locked so I had to resort to going to the Internet to find your customer service number which is just poor service.

Once on this number I spoke with two different individuals just to be told that there was a $64 balance that was from 2013 that had not been paid.

I was aware of the balance because it occurred due to my account being hacked. In 2013 I spoke with a representative from PayPal who resolved it and said that the account was whole and nothing was due. Now 8 to 9 years later I want to sell items as an individual on eBay but I am unable to use PayPal to accept payments.

During the course of this call the collections department transferred me to another department because I asked to see all the transactions that led to the negative balance which has locked the account after waiting for 10 minutes my call was dropped.

Im not going to call back but I Would like all of the transactions from the beginning of the account until the balance which is shown sent to me at the email listed above so that I can do my own reconciliation to understand where youre coming up with this balance.

This is by far the worst customer service Ive had in quite a long time.

Its why I stopped using PayPal originally because my account was hacked causing the negative balance when it was resolved I had to argue to get service fees removed from it and basically was treated as if I were guilty and I had to prove my innocence.

Please respond either way as to whether or not you can provide transactions from this account since I can no longer access it. Do better on the way you treat your customers.

Location: Newaygo, Michigan

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