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My name is Kiara foster, I am writing you in regard to my account both my account PayPal permanently locked. One was kvfmodel@***.com the other was kvfmodel@***.com.

I am writing u because y’all permenstku locked it without explanation or reason n told me I would be able to withdraw my funds after 180 days. Now I have use both account within user agreement. The kvfmodel@***.com one I have used for uber and Uber eats n to withdraw my money to my bank or to venmo or to transfer it to my other account or someone else PayPal. Now I can produce proof of all of this.

N y’all allowed me to do it. Now lately I have had an issue doing that with both account that I have which according to your user agreement it’s not illegal to have many accounts.i have no user my money for fraudulent activity or to sell stuff that is illegal. N I believe y’all locked my account over nothing. When I contacted y’all the agent said she wasn’t able to talk to a supervisor cause there are none n she can’t fix it cause she can’t talk to the people in the back and the people in the back did it n she cannot reverse it it is final for whatever reason but asu can we in my account was no reason for either one to be locked.

Now when y’all asked for my I’d and social and proof of address n bank statement I sent it in n y’all verified it but soon as I try to tranfer y’all refused it n locked my account both of them. N said 180 days but according to the merchant law which y’all are under y’all aren’t allowed to make anyone wait for their money past 10 days. User agreement or no n if y break the law u will be fined that is what they say What I would like would be for y’all to resolve the issue by bringing it to corporate so they can check my account n see I didn’t do anything and reopen it so I can’t take my money out of both my account. N after I receive my money I would like to cancel my PayPal account because I have received to much trouble with y’all n no longer wish to have PayPal I am sending this letter to let y’all know if y’all refuse to solve it n refuse to obey the law according to the merchant law that PayPal is under I am allowed to sue y’all n get a lawyer which I am doing now.

For refusal to release funds n locking of my account for no reason.

In addition to my dispute cases against y’all for money not given. Thank u for reading this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Money Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Unlock my account so I can withdraw my funds after that I’m closing both accounts.

Paypal Pros: No pros.

Paypal Cons: Illegally hold funds, Way they treat customers during complaints, Steals earnings without explanation, Lies to customers, Just terrible.

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