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I asked for my transfer to my bank to happen instantly and the system decided to hold it for 72hrs instead of honoring my request. Which made my flight I was trying to purchase triple so iI recommend zelle or cash app PayPal is policing too much they have all your personal information but dont feel they have to ask you if there is a problem they get no details before they just hold your money for my security I dont need that unless I call you to tell you something is off you should not have the power to hold peoples money for your own investment needs its so shady and uncomfortable to deal with PayPal and their new police the. Money policy they get all your info and give you no clear detailed reason besides we are protecting you which is ridiculous if you as PayPal really cared you would ask firrrrrrst before you hold peoples money thats why your loosing customers nobody has time to waste with your so called protection you should have never bent over and allowed authorities into your customers accounts your out of order and its so not convenient its been a headache since I rejoined your service

User's recommendation: Never will I recommend your service I will warn people to stay away from anything PayPal.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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