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Settling disputed charges.

For those who think they want to apply for a PayPal Master card, you need to know that before you apply for the card, if you don't know that PayPal uses Synchrony Bank located in Utah, which is the financee for PayPal's Mastercard. You should think twice before applying.

If you ever have an issue with a transaction of any kind including disputed charges you'll find that when you call PayPal you will be put on hold for 20 minutes, transferred 3 more times and then told they don't have the authority to help you and then will transfer you to Synchrony Bank which they say can help you now. After an hour on the phone Synchrony will tell you your issue is all taken care of. Then you find 30 days later PayPal will send you an email telling you your account has been locked. You then have to send 3 forms telling and proving to PayPal that you are the legitimate card holder.

After you have done that you will have to call Synchrony Bank again to, once again, try to solve the issue and cancel your account.

I now understand why after 15 years Ebay is no longer having PayPal as their prime account.

With Chase Bank, US Bank, and Bank of America it is one phone call and 85% of the time only one transfer to solve your issue. I no longer have a PayPal Mastercard.


User's recommendation: Do not apply for a PayPal credit card.

Preferred solution: Apology.

PayPal Cons: Rampant fraud, No help fixing problems.

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