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PayPal does not protect the buyer as they advertise. We made a purchase and used PayPal as the method of payment. When we received the item it was seriously incorrectly advertised. We contacted the seller and they stated that they had confused the listing and the item was incorrectly listed. This was all done through e-mails, so the written proof remains. We contacted PayPal to stop the payment, but they allowed the seller the funds so the seller had no further interest in correcting their errors. This is one of the unfortunate ways some dishonest people operate today. We had always believed that by using PayPal we had that extra degree of protection. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! You are much better off to use a credit card and NOT THROUGH PAYPAL. We only were able to stop the payment by contacting the credit card company and having them block the payment to PayPal. It would have been much easier to just make the payment with the credit card and when the item is not as represented the charge can be disputed thru the credit card. PayPal did not give us the extra degree of protection we expected. All we received from PayPal was cold and unreasonable e-mail answers. Not even a real person to make the call and discuss the situation and reasoning. To allow the payment to the seller PayPal dug deep into some long agreement we were supposed to be aware of and did not even review our conditions or the e-mails where the seller admitted that they had not correctly advertised the item. When your contact PayPal you will only get a person who has little interest in handling a problem and apparently has no authority to made decisions. Your credit card company will at least listen and allow the charge to be disputed and then make a fair decision based on all of the facts. We believe that your credit card company is more interested in having satisfied customers than PayPal. It is our total belief that PayPal is a unnecessary step in making purchases and just a way for some enterprising entrepreneur to make money. PayPal has grown too big and too cold to be of any assistance to consumers today. PAYPAL IS NOT NEEDED! Back to the credit cards and goodbye to PayPal.
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PayPal doesn't care about you as they did in the past.All they care about is getting their money.

Whether you have been a member with them for over 5 years or as little as a couple of months, your treated as anyone else. Do they bother to help you when your account gets limited?

Nope, they will just kick you to the curb without any warning.

They literally pulled the rug out from under my business when we were doing high volume sales.

Limited the account during our peak business quarter and demanded several documents to which we provided. Several weeks and months went buy with no messages or any updates. That is when we had to call in and they told us they refused the documents and closed our account permanently.

Really PayPal?

All that time and you couldn't give me an answer? We lost nearly 5 figures because of them and not to mention they killed off our main processor and are now holding our money for over 6 months.

Business almost went into bankruptcy until we made the hasty decision to go stealth using the help of Auction Essistance. I mean what else can you do? When your business is dying, you will not sit there and watch it die.

Had to take some desperate measures so our employees and our families were not put at risk. PayPal was no help at all throughout the process.I give the middle finger every single time because of it.

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