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I have went through every security measure Paypal has .I have no holds ,no limitations on my account.I have ,Confirmed my Bank account ,Confirmed my bank card.Confirmed my address,confirmed my email confirmed my phone number .Confirmed Me...And even put a security pin on my account so when i sign in i put my password then they send me a pin via text message I put that in .When I want to transfer my money to my Bank account it gives me a error .Sorry you need to put a lower ammount so I do and same error everytime .I have called customer service so many times which i was on hold 30-40min each call.Every single customer rep gave me a different excuse.I hear its a security issue but they say you can shop online which I dont want to.But what makes no sense I can shop online and spend my money but you wont let me transfer my funds to my more secure Bank account? None of them can tell me why they wont ket me transfer my money.They say try in 24 hours try in 48 hours ,or I call and several times they say we have to do a security check ,What color are your eyes ?

But when they have all this they wont let me have my money.I have filed numerous complaints against Paypal,and they dont care.I have a good sum of money in there. It even has on my account

Limimit lifted, .I sell on Facebook I buy storage units and sell them online.I bought a great unit that had alot of vintage collector items that people bought and paid me for.I have reached out to paypal customer service so many times and as I said none of them tell me the same thing.They say you can take out when you want and when i tell them I get a error they walk me through it and two days was I able to transfer.I still have a large ammount in Paypal and try to slowly transfer the rest of my funds and I cant .They are either taking the money and I have to wait till they put it back I dont know I just know my money is not safe in Paypal.When I go to my bank I can take my money out ,and that is a Bank,When I go to Paypal they are harboring my money and wont let me have it.If it was a security issue why would they say you can shop online and spend your money but I cant withdraw it! What if this was your money?Please Help me with this my Paypal account email is f.konieczny@yahoo.com I can be reached at fsk816@gmail.com or called me at 4403154402.I have exhausted every way possible at paypal wont let me have my money.The only other thing I can do next is file a case in the courts.

Please again help me with this Frank Konieczny.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC twice here is the Ref# Complaint Submitted - Your reference number is: 100157600.Consumer affairs and t BBB Customer Review of PayPal, Inc. (Ref# 62692) If there is no resolution I will file a formal complaint in court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want to beable to transfer my funds to my bank.

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