I opened a dispute on Aug 28th. It was closed with an unfavorable response.

PP-D-12449****. I want to send you information in my favor. The seller LaTRONICS is saying they want to refund me. They say Ebay is holding things up.

Ebay says they cant help ne because of Paypals dispute. I need this resolved. The charge is currently in my Paypal credit account. Here is a copy of LaTronics most recent correspondence to me : Hello again,

As we told you before.

There is nothing we can do at this time. We agreed to the refund when you opened the payment dispute and we now have to wait for eBay to close out the dispute. We understand you did not open the dispute with eBay and that you opened it with PayPal however as we have tried to explain multiple times eBay is the only one that processes payments now and PayPal now behaves as a Bank. We have no access to any PayPal funds and cannot issue refunds through PayPal.

While PayPal my have closed the claim, eBay has not and we are unable to do anything at this time until eBay closes the claim. We have no idea how long the claim will remain open, we agreed to issue the refund through the dispute as we showed you in the picture in our last message.

We are blocked from further action until the dispute is closed.

Best Regards,


So, please help me. I am caught in a nightmare limbo with Ebay saying the ball is in Paypals court and LaTronics saying the ball is in Ebays court.

User's recommendation: Avoid making a dispute with paypal. Try resolving through ebay first.

Location: Petersburg, Virginia

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