Pay pal should not be decided by two separate branched. I used pay pal and was stranded 4 away from home.

I requested some aid assistance to get mi self home for whish I downloaded and requested the money threw paypal only to find out that I needed to buy a card for which I needed to ALSO ad another $20 dollars. So I pan handled $20 to buy the card just to find out that I ALSO had to wait to verify mi adrees in order to use the card onlyvaftervitcwas approved and cleared. Thanks for the confusion and TANKS for the stressyout day for which I had to sleep in the streets.

While I did not have to. Cash app would of allowed me to forward the money to a total stranger willing to give me the cash in return to get me out of mi desperate situation making me miss two days of work and getting fired.

User's recommendation: Use cash app you have better chances to make use of YOR money at the spot.

Location: Dorchester, Massachusetts

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