I found a site selling DeWalt tools, clicked on it, it had all of the appearances of the official DeWalt site and order several tool items, provided credit card information, addresses for mailing / shipping needs and only got one e-mail for a receipt number, no tracking number was ever sent later with the receipt or later on, tried to check out the site after a few days to check on the order only to find it no longer existed, would not open, tried to contact PayPal by phone using two different numbers to no avail, tried to contact PayPal by e-mail, was a joke, *** I had to actually sign up as a member to even get in, and then no answers as it only talks to a computer service in which you have to know the secret words in order to get anywhere with them, so I sent them a letter with copies of the receipt and my two cents worth of my opinion of them as a whole, maybe someone there can read??!!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: Beware of the sites you visit , if it looks to good to be true, then you already know the answer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Website.

Paypal Cons: No contact with a live agent for cs support.

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