I rec'd an odd PayPal notification from a Lamika DeMello, who further down in the email referred to herself as Lamika Bold, Gen. Mgr., saying a computer purchase made by me was pending a call from me.

First, I did not order a computer. 2nd, the telephone number (1-91*-***-****) was not a PayPal number, and 3rd, I noticed that 4xs in the email in bold letters it said "DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL," but to make the call to the number the 919 number above instead. As far as I could determine, the 919 number was not a PayPal number. I think they wanted me to call in order to obtain more info needed to process the order for him/her self.

I tried to send the email to PayPal/Ken but was unable to forward, download, copy or attach.

On 1/27/22, I called PayPal Customer Service and spoke to Ken (ID #167****). I provided him the info in the fraudulent text, e.g. purchase price $784,

Order #78902BDQAS78DE,



Item 1 MacBook 13".

I also told Ken it looked like 2 others were copied on the same fraudulent email. Those two were:



although these don't seem to have the proper layout of an email address.

Please catch these crooks and prosecute them.

User's recommendation: Be extremely careful...keep records of evg you purchase .

Location: Dickson, Tennessee

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