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I have dealt with you guys about this transaction for too long and quite frankly, I am over it. The buyer in this case has even sent you a message stating everything was good.

He even sent me a screenshot of the message as proof, so whats the hold up? I am sick of it. I already explained to you he didn't mean to send the $ through the business purchase part of your service. There was absolutely nothing purchased, but rather it was a personal payment to me on a repayment of a loan that I had lent him.

He paid me back using your service and damn it I want my money. Your policy states that if you are told that all is good and the transaction is complete, that you will release funds immediately, so why haven't you? Release my money to my account immediately. This is utterly ridiculous to hold my monry for a simple mistake.

The "buyer" was unaware of the channel from which he sent the money through. He doesn't even have a way to confirm the delivery from which your customer service agent directed me to tell him to do in order to release my funds. After continued attempts and much time & energy from the "buyer" and myself, it was then later told to me that the use of a computer is necessary in order to confirm delivery and not simply the ability to do so from the app from a cellphone. I am curious as to why the *** that is?

Why would a computer be necessary to confirm delivery with just a simple push of a button? Why wasn't I also informed about this from the very first initial message that contained a specific set of instructions on what I (seller) needed to relay to the buyer to perform on his end in order to confirm delivery? Seems to me that the detailed instructions should mention such a vital piece of information, yet it wasn't. I believe that is because it was purposely withheld from me in the initial response in order to seemingly satisfy and service me while actually misguiding me in efforts to delay the release of my funds.

To further my frustration, I learned that even with the use of a computer, there is still no option to confirm delivery. Those were my instructions that I was expected to communicate to the buyer to perform, but yet they were not right and never once in those instructions that seemed so confidently to be correct, did it mention that in some cases, the buyer simply wouldn't be givin the ability to confirm delivery. In fact, it took a bit of follow up to learn that I was simply not going to be able to do anything except wait 21 days on hold because I hadn't used paypal in over several months. So now I started to wonder, what exactly does customer service/the resolution team do if they don't actually intervene with such instances by simply communicating with the other party in order to resolve and confirm the delivery?

What do they do besides give ill-informed & incomplete instructions. So far all anyone from paypal has done was give ME instructions for the buyer to perform, that I am expected to communicate. I am the one with the money being held, but I can't do anything and I am at the sole mercy of the buyer to perform tasks on his end in order for me to receive my money that he paid me. What kind of policy & procedure is that?

Especially if the instructions given to me, withhold pertinent information such as the requirement of the use of a computer rather than the app on ones cellphone. It is quite clear to me and the hundreds of thousands of other people that have complained about this dirty an unethical tactic, that you do not wish to help anyone resolve the unjustly hold on their money, but rather mindfully complicate and delay the process while not doing a single thing on YOUR end to resolve an issue that is single handley created from YOUR company policy. You put the policy in place and do absolutely nothing to resolve or expedite the process, but instead only pass on instructions for your customers to resolve on their own without having any direct involvement of your own to assist them in doing so. The entire process appears to be intentionally time consuming and rather deliberate with the amount of steps required to perform by both parties in order to release the hold of the sellers money for a beyond adequate amount of time (21 days).

I am particularly concerned about my case, in which money is being held in accordance to your company policy, but from which was communicated to you that was a simple mistake. The payment was not meant to be sent as a purchase and I informed you that the money was a personal payment from which no goods were exchanged. In other words, there is no reason to continue to hold my money to protect your company and or the seller, as you like to claim. It was relayed to you by myself as well as the other party, so why is it that you insist on holding my money and not releasing it right away?

It would appear to me that there may be an ulterior motive for doing so. One that doesn't have anything to do with either of the customers involved in this case and certainly not to protect yourselves from being on the hook for any refunds or scams. Please release the hold of my money immediately and stop sending me deceitful replies about how some other department will be receiving this message and they will handle it from there. Its just another pathetic attempt to further the delay on the release of my money and extend the misuse of your hold on it.

I have documented all of my communication with you thus far and will continue to do so. Oh, and believe me I plan to exploit your company and expose you for the deceitful and largely unethical sham of a so called company you claim to be. You think a loophole will protect you from public scrutiny and outrage? Think again because I am going to post this everywhere!

Release my money immediately or explain to me your reasoning for further holding money that does not belong to you and why you can't just verify yourselves by contacting the other party directly to confirm delivery. Your hands-off excuses will not be justified or accepted any further. You could resolve this with a simple follow-up from paypal to the other party or by implementing policies that would allow for the sellers to file a confirmation of completion after a sale that paypal could simply forward to buyers that would allow them to confirm delivery and forego their right to file for any refunds. That is just 1 idea that might work, but honestly, anything that involved paypal actually working with sellers to confirm the completion of a sale would be a vast improvement from your current policy that involves simply giving instructions for sellers to pressure buyers to perform in order to obtain what is rightfully theirs.

What if a buyer suddenly becomes unobtainable or refuses to comply? What if they simply don't have time to do what is asked of them? *** what if they simply don't give a *** about the seller having to wait 21 days to get their money? You do absolutely nothing to help the seller resolve this issue, meanwhile you hold their money hostage.

Through a legal loop-hole, you legally collect interest on their money and continue to reap the benefits of your company policy while arrogantly having absolutely zero competition on ebay that would force your company to abandon this dirty tactic of yours that would otherwise bankrupt you. ALL of your customers would quickly and joyfully switch to the likes of your competitors! I must admit I look forward to that happening someday!

Now please give me my money. Thank you!

User's recommendation: Do not use paypal....EVERRRRR!

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Payment Processing Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Paypal Pros: Never had this issue before, Like products.

Paypal Cons: Wont help transfer money or refund it, Automated complaint process is unable to cope, Lack of care, Not getting info from you.

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