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I received an automated response from PayPal with a list of hoops in which to jump through. The subject title of the automated response was "Contact from an unregistered email address (KMM45012****V58054L0KM)" I'm unwilling to invest the time or money required to resurrect long forgotten log-on credential to an account that they were supposed to have closed years ago, in order to sign on and update an email address, I provided PayPal with sufficient bona fides as to my legitimacy making this update redundant and instructed them to do with the information as they saw fit because from here on in, I'm done with them.

________________________________________________________________I have been getting notices from you guys off and on for over the last 4 years requesting a pass word reset, notices of payments made and other transactions.

I haven't used this account since 2015 and, if memory serves me correct, I obsoleted this account following a dispute re: an Amazon purchase.

I have never seen or used the contact phone number this page is displaying (291 555-****). I am currently residing outside the US and have been since 2004.

Will you please close this account permanently and stop hassling me with pointless notices?

Please advise.

Best Regards

F David Tucker

User's recommendation: There are other fiduciaries out there.

Location: North Bergen, New Jersey

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