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I have receiving fraudulent invoices thru Paypal for computer monitoring services which I never requested nor have I ever heard of these companies. This began on April 5th or 7th this nyear and I havr received fake invoices on April 12th and April 17th this month, too.

This company keeps trying to *** my bank account for $499.99 for services I never requested. The company keeps changing its name from Team View to Global Pacemind Info Tech to presently Fiblasmotak Life Maxmind Inc.. They use practically the same phone number for service except fot changing the last digit and a very tiny change in the amount they are billing me. If you call the phone number all they do is to argue incessantly with you and ask for much personal information such as SS number and bank accouint numbers.

I have copies of invoices on two of the companies. I found an address for one of the companies. Phone Nos. Global Pacemind Life Maxmind: 1-888-****; Phone No.

for Fiblasmotak Maxmind: 1-88*-803-****. Cancel and close Paypal account and contact me 1-22*-297-**** asap for further details.

Also tell me what actions to take next. Thank you.

Location: Biloxi, Mississippi

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Have had the same issues

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