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After attempting over twenty times to speak to customer service (totally useless) regarding the serious issue I am having I figured emailing would be my best bet to get a response or some help. In late August early September or somewhere near that time, Paypal had a data breach in which my credentials were stolen.

With the credentials that were stolen the scammer stole my passwords, personal information and was able to set up a Chime Debit card and sign up for fund me now program. On or around September 18-20 my account was used over 500 times for unauthorized transactions in which the person or people that stole my account information sold products collected money in the amounts of $99-$298 and immediately tried to transfer the money to the chime debit card through automatic withdrawal. Some of the withdrawals were caught but most werent. As I do not check my account often as I dont have any volume coming in or out of my accounts, when I got an email stating there was suspicious activity on the account I checked the account and that is when I saw the 500 plus transactions and over 10,000 stolen from my account.

I immediately contacted customer service which to my surprise acted like it was my fault. After finally getting someone in the United States I thought my problems were being handled and this was in the beginning of October. He stated that all transactions were being marked as unauthorized and that I would be getting all stolen monies reimbursed. He stated he had never seen a scam so big and done so quickly.

He also stated to give it a few weeks as there was a lot information and a lot of banking institutions to contact to draw the money back.

I gave it two-three weeks and checked my paypal account. To my surprise my paypal account was not at the low balance it was three weeks ago it was now at a negative balance of almost 2800. I immediately called again and again I spoke to someone that was reading off a que card and had no idea or no information of the situation even though everyone I spoke to previously stated they were notating the account with all the information.

I went through the entire situation AGAIN with this person and again they said they had to notate the account with the unauthorized transactions and we again had to jump through all the hoops.

Hear we are today December 1, 2020, three months since this happened, twenty phone calls later to paypal and now not only have I not received any of the stolen money back from paypal, which is ultimately negligent for allowing my credentials to be stolen, but now I am getting debt collection calls from paypals debt department for the negative 2800 that is existing on my account because of the fraud. I can not even call in anymore to talk about my account without being transferred over to the debt collection department.

User's recommendation: Stay Away...No customer support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paypal Website.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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