PayPal never did resolve the fraud claim, I sent multiple messages asking them to call me, no one ever called. I never got the item that I paid for but didn't order.

PayPal apparently didn't even find it odd that an order was placed on 7/4/20, on 7/5/20 the seller provides PayPal with a shipping tracking number, USPS shows the package being delivered on 7/3/20. That alone should have been enough proof! I did call Capital One (the card that was charged) they intervened at that point. THANK YOU CAPITAL ONE!!!

A day later PayPal emailed me letting me know that because I filed my dispute with my credit card company and not with PayPal they can't provide me with any details on the claim... WTF Oh shortly after that they limited (basically froze) my PayPal account until I sent them bank &;;;;;; cc statements, copy of a piece of mail and photo of my drivers license proving my identity. I will NEVER buy anything through PayPal ever again, if PayPal is the only form of payment a company accepts I'll go without!! This whole ordeal had me so stressed out worried the scammer might be able to charge even more.

I honestly think I am more pissed at PayPal than the scammer. I immediately informed them they pretty much called me a liar telling me they didn't consider this fraud closed the case never once contacting me.

Thank you for your help pissedconsumer

Sherrie H

Monetary Loss: $102.

Preferred solution: provide human to human customer support, physically talk to both parties involved and IDK maybe ACTUALLY DO YOUR JOB AND get the facts.

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