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Someone stole my money off the PayPal cash card and PayPal went do anything about it they won't tell me who but apparently I have to get my money back from that person by asking but like I said they won't tell me who so I'm ***
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Problems with payment

Victim of Fraud - PayPal says "so what?"

Recently, I was the victim of fraud through eBay and PayPal. I sold a MacBook Pro on eBay. However, after selling the computer and shipping it after payment had been received in my account, a reversal occurred on the payment. Apparently the real user's PayPal and eBay accounts had been compromised and someone used the accounts to effectively steal my computer. I provided shipping information to PayPal as proof of my good faith to ship the item upon request and was told by a representative on December 7th that I need not worry; I had done my part, now PayPal just needed to complete the investigation and the funds would be back in my account in a short period of time. Today, I received word that because I hadn't used the official address listed on the Transaction page I was not covered and the funds would not be returned to me. Of course, since the account used to make the payment hacked, and I had received so many emails from them from 'spoofed' accounts with official looking PayPal and eBay letterhead, I didn't even realize this. I explained this to PayPal, but they told me that despite their acknowledgement that I was a victim of fraud (and proof the item was shipped and received), I would basically just have to eat the cost. Needless to say this has really shaken my trust in PayPal and I am quite upset. I can't believe PayPal would just leave a loyal customer out in the cold like this! I know that technically the wrong address was used - but they are aware the transaction was fraudulent so I really think an exception needs to be made to correct this.
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Someone attempted to fraudulently withdraw $999.99, from my checking account. There wasn't enough money in the account so my bank refused the transaction for insufficient funds.

When I advised Pay Pal of the fraud, they told me that they were going to run the charges through AGAIN, because that was their policy. WTF! I advised my bank and cancelled the Pay Pal account and my bank changed my bank account number as well. Pay Pal refused to acknowledge my fraud complaint.

I will never use Pay Pal again.

If anyone insists upon dealing through Pay Pal, don't do business with them. You WILL live to regret it.


The same thing happened to me. I was ripped off twice on PayPal, provided them proof and they didn't care.

In one case, I sold gift cards and was paid through PayPal. The buyer redeemed the cards, then did a chargeback and said he wasn't satisfied. PayPal gave him the money back, even though I proved he got them and used them. I asked them to have him return the gift cards to me unused since he did the chargeback.

PayPal ignored me. Don't use them, they are horrible.


I had almost the same thing happen to me. Only difference was the buyer says he made a "mistake" with his dispute of the transaction which occurred almost a year ago!!

Meanwhile Paypal moved the $160.00 into his account for 2 weeks!

Just now did they move it back again. These guys are definitely NOT your Pals.

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Paypal, Inc. Scams me

On January 10, 2010 I received a letter from ER Solutions, Inc. stating I owed $348.99 to Paypal for an account I did not open. I called Paypal that day and spoke to their credit department at which point Ray, told me he would put in a request to have the account reviewed. I called this afternoon and was told that I need to pay $348.99 to ER Solutions, Inc. and they could not prove it was fraud. I never opened this account nor did I create the email addresses associated with this account. This is the 2nd time this has happened, where someone stole my identity and opened an account with Paypal, and this is the second instance where they've sent me to collections for an account I did not open. I've put credit blocks on my social security everything 90 days for the past 7 years because I knew of fraudulent activity and that someone had my identity. Now I'm being told I must pay an amount that I'm not responsible for. I cannot believe I am being scammed by Paypal and they are able to get away with this.
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I have had a couple of problems using paypal and as others have stated there is no help from them. To address the problem of being forced to use them by ebay and others, maybe it is time for a class action to put them in place.

You know this country is going to *** in a hand basket because no one does anything to make things right. IT IS TIME TO TAKE IT BACK.


I've been through the same thing with this scam of a company! I just got a $330 balance owed from ER Solutions on an account I previously had with Paypal.What happened was I was the victim of identity theft and noticed the fraudulent charges, I contacted my bank and paypal(mistake) Instead of reimbursing my funds, for reasons known only to them they took MORE money out of my account!

I managed to close my bank account with "only" a negative $330 balance....but this is $330 I don't owe them, they owe me about $1500 they yanked out of my account. So 3 years after all this happens I get this letter from ER Solutions. I haven't been on ebay(had 300+ feedback) or used paypal since that.

HOW CAN THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY STILL EXIST? Ebay killed the golden goose forcing you to use paypal as a seller(which is illegal)

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Paypal Account
On May 1, 2009 I received an e-mail for PayPal that a chargeback dispute had been filed against me. They promptly removed $217.54 from my account balance and thus the dispute had begun. There was an investigation and I provided everything that I had to support my case...
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Please delete this post as soon as possible. Thank you, Pamela Lopez

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