Friends, I reccomend that you do not get a Paypal/GE Money Credit Card. The reason is simple.

If you have a personal AND Business PayPal account, you will be unable to use the checking account associated with the personal account to pay the business card and Vice Versa!! Secondly, the customer servcie is horrible at GE Money Bank!! Third, NEVER attempt to use a savings account to pay a payment at PayPal or GE Money. The savings account was shown as a payment method, and I used it because that is where my money was...

Bad mistake because PayPal charged me two $35 bounced check fees and my bank did too EVEN though there was plenty of money in the account to cover it!!!

Review about: Paypal Account.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your PayPal account. We'd like to help. Please email me at creditcardhelp@ge.com with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.


GE Money

to GEMoneyUS #904610

https://www.youtube.com/watch? Look for the "Green Snakes" GE Capital Retail Pay Pal.

They even had the nerve to use the United States Post Office to defraud consumers! This goes to show you just how GREEDY & EVIL they really are. The review listed below have actual documents for people to look at.

Please go to these pisssedconsumer reviews:All of these reviews posted have actual documents that have been uploaded to show people just how EVIL they truly are #520251 #488834 #483913 #483025 #481983 #483913 #479336 & #478478 #522235 #489486 #572301

This bank handles CREDIT cards for hundreds of stores & the stores are just as guilty as the "EVIL CORPORATIONS" they use to manage there credit cards.

If you have a credit card with a store that uses this bank you need to look & see if you have been charged illegally. These are some of the companies that pay these "CROOKS" Lowes, Wal-Mart, Sears you can find out more by going to the Rip-Off Report with the "Rebuttal" from an employee, Number 1140625 this gives a list of some of the stores that have this bank for credit cards. There is also a clip on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch? or just look for the "Green Snakes" there are three of them

You can file a complaint with The Department of Justice, The Department of Financial Institutions or as I like to say The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau (The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) The Comp Controller of Currency & The Federal Trade Commission, What ever you do DO NOT file with the BBB they are paid good money to keep those "A's" for the companies that pay them.

Did you know that Pay Pal, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank which all start with the letter "G" the new name is Synchrony Bank now are trying to get "Class Action Lawsuits” BANNED!

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