Reference Case ID: PP-D-9498****. Dollar Amount: 132.98 Yokawa Network never sent order#2297.

Payment posted to my account on Nov.6,2020. Filed report with USPS per your instructions and sent copy to this email address as instructed by your representative. Paypal immediately sided with Yokawa and to date has made no effort and even stymied my efforts to get in touch with Paypal. Investigation on my part revealed that you have numerous complaints about this same problem and this same company.

I have had no correspondence from Paypal other than to tell me to go to message center and there are no messages there. I can only come to the conclusion that 1) Paypal cares more for the retailer than the customer and in that respect I am screwed. 2) If this has happened as much as it appears, that Paypal must approve of how Yokawa Network treats customers using Paypal payment services. 3) That quite possibly Paypal and Yokawa Network are working in collusion to commit fraud and sharing the revenue with each other.


Here is all the information on my lost 132.98. Case ID: PP-D-9498**** Transaction ID: 7MW80153K3341****. Order # 2297. Paid with credit card ending in 9276, showing a payment to PAYPAL for *Anemone Seizech.

Also a description number is listed as100000****111820.

I emailed on 12/21/2020 a copy of the complaint that I filed with USPS to service@***l,com as instructed by your CSR. I would appreciate it very much if Paypal would credit back to the card on file for this transaction.

User's recommendation: Order absolutely nothing from Yokawa Network. They are nothing but no count thieves who evidently operate with Paypal's blessing. Maybe even share in the profits? I have been asked to give Paypal 5 more business days to resolve my case. I doubt they have done or will do nothing. I would seriously reconsider using Paypal for anything.

Location: Atascosa, Texas

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