On 6/26/21 I filed a disoute against seller tmmcq for selling me 2 items that are not even close to what was advertised on their website. Paypal responded to me on 6/29/21 and is only giving me until 7/9/21 to send proof of tracking that I have sent the items back to the seller.

First of all, most places give you 30 days to intitiate a return. Paypal is giving me only 13 days. This is not fair as the 4th of July holiday caused the local post office to be closed on Sat, 7/3/21 & all US post offices were closed on Mon, 7/5/21. I work M-F and there is no post office near my office and they close at 5:00 pm.

The only day I will be able to get to the post office is going to be Sat, 7/13/21. In addition, I am being forced to pay for return shipping to CHINA. Yes, paypal has offered me a $50 credit to use towards my next purchase, but it is going to cost me more than $50 to send this cheap stuff all the way back to China. Also, I feel like Paypal is siding w/ the seller.

The seller should have to provide a prepaid shipping label as it is THEIR mistake not mine. I have proof of what I ordered and its nothing close to what I rec'd. I also sent a photo to tmmcq as they requested and have yet to hear from them. I am very disappointed in the way this has been handled and how I have been treated by paypal.

I have contacted the FTC re: tmmcq aka benchboc.com and I am contacting my states attorney general re: how paypal treats consumers. I did NOTHING wrong except order what I thought were genuine designer handbags from what I thought was an outlet. Turns out they are fakes and I have also contacted Dooney and Bourke that this company is selling fake handbags as Dooney and Bourkes.

Paypal needs to do the right thing and allow me some extra time to be able to get to the post office and they need to look out for THEIR customers not a company scamming American consumers. This is unacceptable and makes me want to never do business with paypal again.

User's recommendation: Paypal does not support its customers, terrible customer NOservice.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

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