I had an issue with an item that I purchased when I wanted to return it. The company said they had a 100% money-back guarantee, so when I asked for a return authorization number they said that I would have to return it to China.

When I sent them a reply stating that it had been sent to me from Carson, CA which is not far from where I live. They responded with a statement that they don't have a company in the United States. I checked with the post office about shipping it to the address in China, and they said I would have to fill out customs paperwork and the cost would be a minimum of $30 up to $60. So I had a few issues with that, so I contacted PayPal.

Their policy is that a company must have a location in the US in order to do business in the US. So I wrote to them, because there is no phone number, and explained all the above. After a few times of sending them emails and asking them to contact me a finally got a response from PayPal, and they said they looked through everything and agreed with me, so they were giving me a credit for the full amount. Approximately 4 days later I received an email from PayPal stating that since I had not responded to their request for more information that they were closing the case and I would not receive any refund.

Needless to say I pretty upset, and I emailed them with a copy of the email they had sent to me about the refund. Since then, I have not heard anything back from them.

The end (and the end of my PayPal account)!

Location: Fremont, California

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