To Customer service:

I have been a PayPal customer since 2011 with a comfortable feeling that I had protection of my money and my purchases through PayPal. I filed a fraud claim for $71.11 where I purchased a coffee maker from Dale Mullane.

My claim was denied and I am upset with the situation so I am asking customer service to check this one thing and reverse my claim.

Mr. Mullane provided a tracking number that he attached to my purchase which if you log in to it the results is that the item attached to the tracking number was delivered on Wednesday 7-14-2021. The problem is the tracking number is not attached to my name or my address or the item that I ordered. I contacted UPS to find this out.

The UPS agent informed me that the tracking number was for an amazon customer who purchased an item from Amazon and the item purchased by that person was delivered on 7-14-2021. I believe this alone is enough to prove that my purchase from Mr. Mallane was fraud and I should be refunded my purchase price of $70.11.

I will continue to ask how could PayPal denied my claim and rule in favor of a fraud sales person. I did not receive my purchase.

User's recommendation: Be Alert.

Location: Liberty, West Virginia

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