I don't know if you can help me, but I purchased a dell Laptop thru Walmart via Facebook on 10/25/2021, Walmart claimed they would ship on the 10/26/2021, the alert me to tracking numbers, then I would received delivery, but so far I received nothing, they sent me an email indicating they received the order & the payment (thru PayPal) and would notify me of shipping details, nothing. In their email they said if I needed help or have any questions View the order which gave me nothing or go to (service@***.com) send for email requesting the status, nothing Order number KM97132.

I want the laptop, but I am getting nothing. I thought maybe you would have a phone number that you call or I can call.

claimed delivery on Facebook 3 to 7 days. I don't want to cancel, all I am asking is what is happening.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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