I was forced to close my PayPal account today due to: 1. I was constantly receiving an error message telling me "PayPal could not verify it was me" when I attempted to log on.

2. When I would attempt to use PayPal to complete a transaction, it was being refused. 3. I have begun to receive fraudulent emails claiming to have enacted charges to my PayPal account with my actual name and email.

(Where did they get this information?)

I have brought these issues to PayPal via calls to customer service numerous times in the past month and the login issue is usually fixed for one day and starts all over again.

The fake fraud charges seemed to be something new and ongoing and were my main reason for closing the account.

I regret having to close my account as I enjoyed having the convenience and security of PayPal for quite some time. But it seemed you have been experiencing a degradation of services for some reason.

My advice is for someone at PayPal to get on the ball, really no excuse for this kind of customer service.

User's recommendation: Think about it.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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