There is no way to contact anyone from paypal. so i am using a different email to contact because if i log in i get completely blocked from any method of contact.

My name is tiffany johnson. the email associated with my paypal is meishko81@***.com. Cancel this account now please!!!!!! call if questions and i will confirm this email.

Please cancel my account now, as in today.

Please. I have called and been on hold for over an hour, almost 2 hrs at this point. Your messaging center says no more messaging allowed, or is unavailable to me at this point. And resolution center will not let me re open a closed case that was inappropriately closed.

We were mid conversation and all current and prior contact was deleted. I have removed my card. I am very disappointed and have since cancelled venmo as well. i do not want any association with this company or its associates.

I have been with paypal for several years. have had at least 2 cases of fraud in that time. but the handling of this situation has been unacceptable.

delete now please. get rid of any info you have related to me or my account.

User's recommendation: In at least 10 yrs I have only had 2 cases of fraud activity, basically someone hijacked account and bought stuff. First time easy fix. This time little to zero communication, blocked from contact via website. Now fighting to even close the account.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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