On Jan 7, I thought I wanted to clear out the balance on my PayPal account since I have not used it in a long time. I went into my account to do a transfer of the .63.

PayPal told me I could not do it, I had to have at least one dollar in the account. I chatted with the online assistant , saved a copy of the conversation , which was submitted to customer service to settle. Today, I had 3 messages from PayPal, Sol Alexander advised me he did a one time deposit of $1.00, so I could do the final transfer close out. I did the transfer, its supposed to go to my bank account within three days.

Then I received a PayPal email telling me my account had been closed!!! Like most companies, I am not allowed to email the company back, do not reply message. I have called two or three numbers at least a dozen times throughout the day, with no help at all! The worthless automated system since me around in circles, then tells me they are too backed up, they cannot complete my request over the phone!

It confirms my phone number, BUT nothing else! I cannot log into my account anymore, someone closed it! I cannot talk with any human being at this point!

I am telling myself now, PayPal is not important to me, I am not a VIP to them anymore! I dont need you PayPal!

User's recommendation: BEWARE...Do NOT expect to talk with a human being, they are very cold, impossible to talk with someone ! My account was closed without my permission, having pictures of the online assistant conversation !

Location: Sawyerville, Alabama

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