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I was a seller on Ebay and was good at it. I Invested alot of time and money to do it right.

Ebay began sending me invoices where they hadn't applied credit for any returns. I called and was told it would be taken care of. It was not, so I refuse to pay the $700.00 invoice until it was fixed. 6 months passed and I sold on amazon (equally terrible) to get me by.

I got ahold of someone at ebay that would listen to me and they creditied my account. Unbeknownst, they applied some bogus customer complaints without sellers resolution while I was suspended. My account was set up to immediately repay anyone that wanted their money back so this was just a way for them to charge me more money each month. Now, anytime I had a problem, they would immediately bring this up.

"We see your seller performance is below standard" even though it was never my fault and they intentionally made it that way. The invoices continued to come in without any credits applied. I'd call and complain, and that's when pAypal stepped in. They froze both accounts of mine, seizing over $4000.00 in each account.

Then they claimed that I had another account that I owed money on. They told me if I wanted my funds released I would have to pay the $6066.00 balance from one of my frozen accounts. I had to feed my family and ot had been over a month without any money at all, so favors were wearing thin. I agreed, and they took the money, but never released my money.

Then ebay suspended me but continued to send me orders that I could no longer fill, just to invoice me for the orders. At that time, paypal started sending me emails claiming that several customer had complained d about my product. A full year had gone by selling the same products and not once did I get more than 4 customers in a month that needed a return approved. Now paypal was claiming there were over 60 in 6 days.

I didn't even have any sales to have returns during that time period so their full of crap.. ebay then convinces paypal to change my method of payment so they could get into my account and take their invoice money. They did, but they took it out of the wrong account, and then still claimed I owed it on the other account.. then they sent it to COLLECTIONS and it landed on my credit report.

Upon investigating, they had opened lines of credit with paypal and they milked the credit dry in1 day. PayPal went and did the same thing. They used each other to embezzle money, my money. At last check, they had run my accounts overdrawn by $22,000and that's when they realized I could see what they were doing and shut me down completely.

I've tried taking them to court, but the powers that be in this country, our government is complicit and taking a kick back to look the other way, and that's exactly what theyve done. Meanwhile my family had to live out of my truck for almost 3 months, with no food, no money coming in, and no support from the government. They said I didnt qualify for victim assistance, because I wasnt physically Injured. I beg to differ.

At one of the court hearings, after it was kicked out of court for nonsense, as I was walking out to the parking lot, I recieved an email from paypal. They wanted to let me know that they were still waiting on the $6,066.00 overdran bbalance that wasnt mine, and had already been paid. The thing is, had I been able to tell my story to a judge, a real judge, I would've been able to explain to them that the email address they claim is mine and that they claim I was given a credit of of over $6066 .00 somehow, which is not possible because paypal doesnt provide credit, they have an outside bank that does, but that's not what they were claiming . I couldve told the judge to go to google sign in, and try to sign in using their fraudulen email address.

Google would have told the judge, we dont recognize this account. PayPal never bothered to create the fake account in google, so how is that I couldve used it to run up over $6,000 in credit on a fake account? It's notpossible. PayPal will make you verify your account, and I wouldn't have been able to do that on a nonexistant account.

I no longer care about the money. All I want is to one day get to meet these people face to face, and that includes the *** that work for our government that saw to it that my family and I went days on end without food, and it wasnt until I started having to steal from walmart that we were able to eat. I only ask to se these people cringe in fear for what's about to happen to them. It will undoubtedly suck.

Much worse than what we experienced, that is for sure. I dont care who has a problem with that, government or not,. If you come to me complaint about what the *** I just said, you will immediately regret that decision. I promise you that.

Am I pissed off? Not anymore. I put it all into preparation for when the day comes. And it will.

I'm working on it daily and with a great deal of success. They *** with the wrong white boy, and they're about to figure that out the hard way. Pliers and torch hard way. Have a nice day!

*** ebay! *** paypal!

And *** all ot the *** traitors to this country. Your days are limited ***


Reason of review: They are satan in a corporation.

Monetary Loss: $900000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

PayPal Cons: Are thieves.

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