So my account got locked after somebody stole 400$ from me off my account without me knowing and i reported it and got my refund but now i still caint access my account cus its still locked from where somebody tried to steal my money and make unauthorized charges on my account. Yall refunded the full ammount back to me but yall havent let me regain access so i can access my money.

The account got limited due to the unauthorized charges i didnt know about so why do i have to suffer with my account staying limited and not being able to get my money when that wasnt me ? I was stolen from and now yall refunded my money and now i still caint get it.

Can yall please give me access long enough to get my money. Please.

User's recommendation: Keep your account secured because if you find unauthorized transactions paypal will refund your money but limit your account to where you caint access and get your money even tho it wasn't your fault.

Location: Bogalusa, Louisiana

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