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I would like to know why I keep getting emails from PayPal about restrictions and limitations on an account that I have not used or even thought about in years. If there is activity on this account, it is definitely not from me.

So either its been hacked or someone from here dont know what theyre doing. Again, I havent used this account in years, and dont even remember the password. Cant get on the account to close it because they want to send a text to verify who I am but will not let me change the number on there that I no longer have.

I wish I had never heard of PayPal because its such a freaking hassle to even login lest along close the account! What is it that is required to do this that I havent already tried?

User's recommendation: Stay away!

Location: Crestview, Florida

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I received same kind of notification; that I authorized payment of $645.98 to (t.Kellerman858@***.net) This is defintely a *** job.. When I call the number the number doesn't exist.. I certainly did not authorize this purchase.

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