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Sick and tired of the chronic password and login issues. Nothing but problems the last year or two.

Everybody knows what's up.

They want complete access to all accounts, every e-mail, every phone number, every account you have. That's why it's called the "web". Because they want to suck your blood and leave a shell of a human.

That's the NWO way. No stone left unturned, no human escapes the web, not a single red cent unaccounted they can steal it themselves.

I never asked for all this 2-step authentication bs.

I've been shopping online for 20 years and never one single issue, until YOU tech nerds started requiring complete control over me.

I'm not playing your stupid *** games.

I just as soon toss this *** computer right into a river and go deep dark for good. *** Paypal!

User's recommendation: Get offline, it's nothing but heart ache and misery. Empty life.

Preferred solution: I would like everyone at paypal to drink a suicide coctail of cyanide. .

Paypal Pros: No more pros.

Paypal Cons: Too many to list.

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