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EBay & PayPal

I let a friend of mine sell an unopened original Nintendo game over eBay and allowed for the money transfer to happen through my PayPal account. Shortly after the person received the game he filed a "Item not as described" complaint. I was not able to be reached with 3 emails and ten days of eBay and PayPal contacting me, so they decided to vote in favor of the plaintiff. They gave him money from my PayPal account taking it from 0.00 to -218.99$, without requesting the game be sent back to me. Upon calling PayPal, they stated to me there was nothing wrong with this and they would not contact him and ask about returning the game. Without proof of any kind the item was not as described they took 218.99$ from my account and gave it to the other person. I dislike eBay and PayPal greatly due to this.
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Over the years paypal has given less and less protection to the seller. Now, paypal only favors the buyer.

If you sell with paypal, don't leaving any money in your account. They will take your money that they've been drawing interest from.


Buyer bought a CD Player and had it for 21 days. Then emails me ITEM NOT AS DISCRIBED and wanted 50 bucks off or they will file a claim.

I gave the refund but contacted eBay & Paypal about this extortion.

I have not heard back. I sussect I won't.

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#237056 Review #237056 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Somerset, Kentucky
New Reviewer


i recently sold my husbands watch om ebay pay pal gave it away. i sold it to a gentalmen in the uk mistake 31/2 weeks after shipping it he contacts me and demands $230.00 for a scatch he said was from shipping i contacted ebay who told me that they felt it was a case of buyers remores not to worry 3 weeks later he opens a case with pay pal now he said it was fake let me point out i had this watch authenticated by 3 jewelry stores 1 for my insurance the others to sell to however they offered me in store credit not interested so he had it checked supposedly for the scatch by his jewerly store so thats 4 now with in 3 days they found in his favor but when i called to find out when he would return the watch theye said he didnt have to now ther telling me the watch has been destroyed he is a *** with my husbands watch he got it for free WHAT be careful with pay pal you to could get taken big $936.00 worth
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I'm not totally sure what paypal had to do with this. It sounds like the guy was a *** man who set you up and you couldn't prove it.


how can you be angry with a company that makes money off of money that is still yours? banks have been doing this since the beginning of time. Please think about what you post before putting a bad taste in other peoples mouths about somthing that you obviously are ill informed of.


I'd tell paypal to ki$$ my ar$$, close my account, & forget about them. One thing everyone should remember but doesn't...

Paypal isn't a bank, & they aren't regulated as a bank.. Bottom line.. They steal money from customers, they make interest on customer money... & get away with it because..

they can. When I've used paypal as a payment source for my customers when i sell on ebay, I don't leave the funds in my paypal account. I setup a savings account, give paypal access to it..

Link the savings account to a checking account... thus quickly transferring money as soon as it hits my savings (It goes to checking, & paypal can't get it there.).> You've got to stay two steps ahead of thieves, & paypal is for sure a thief.


What's a scatch?

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#235781 Review #235781 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
New Reviewer

PayPal "guarantees" your purchases???

I have been with PayPal for many years and have had wonderful service. On January 27, I placed an order with for Kathy Ireland curtain Panels in the amount of $137.91 (with Shipping) which was charged to my PayPal account and then the first of February SmartBagains shipped my order and charged me again the $137.91 through my Pay Pal account using the same order number as the first charge. This proceeded to over draw my checking account and I was charged $35.00. I went to Smart Bargains and was told was not their issue it was PayPals. Went to PayPal and instituted a claim on February 7th. Since then I have called 5 times, emailed several times and still do not know what is going on. No one at PayPal can tell me what the problem is. I thought they guaranteed my purchases made through them? This has gone on to long! If you look at my PayPal account you can see that I got charged twice for the same invoice #. Does anyone know where I can go to get help with this???
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I bought a $1,000 antigue ring that arrived with significant damage. The seller refused to take it back so I filed a claim with PayPal.

I had paid for it using three seperate payments. They approved 2 of them but refused to decide in my favor on the 3rd payment. Still have not received the 2nd one either. Just bought a pair of $200 optical frames that never arrived.

PayPal won't do anything, their guarantee means NOTHING.

They have just gotten too big to really give any kind of personal help, everytime I call the person agrees and pro,ises it will be straightened out. Never happens.


You will never get help from paypal. I ordered a set of workout dvd's for my daughter which we never received.

Paypal said there was a tracking number with the postal service so there was nothing they could do. Gee it's not like the post office never makes a mistake! All I know is we ordered the product and according to the tracking it was shipped 2 weeks later than the date when we were supposed to receive it. We had alerted the seller that it needed to be shipped in a timely manner as she was moving.

As it was she went by the house and spoke to her old room-mates almost daily for weeks and they never received the package either.

All I know is we were screwed big time by paypal. A rather ironic choice of names as they are certainly nobodies pal!!!!

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#228607 Review #228607 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Phoenix, Arizona
Paypal Account
New Reviewer

Paypal idiots refunded money after i shipped!

i shipped merchandise when i was advise consumer paid. they reversed transaction and refunded the money not once but twice. i am now out the cost of merchandise as well as two refunds. there are no people to speak with... only computers programmed for certain events. i unable to find a human being to help. dont get screwed get off of ebay. when i wrote this *** he realized he was way ahead. now he wont take my call. i have no idea if h is a crook or just a *** but the real tragedy is that ebay and paypal are also guilty because they dont give a ***. why should they ... they are shovelling in money.
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Reasons like this is why I only do in person sales. Craiglist!

Ebay and paypal are nothing but money hoggers. Hungry hippos.

#228162 Review #228162 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New York, New York


Are you a business owner that has been hurt by paypal ? If so, please email us and tell us about your paypal horror story !! joemarc@***.net We are looking for anyone that has sent a item out to a customer and the customer put in a dispute with paypal..Your customer kept the merchandise and got their money back as well.. We have the attorney ready to go...If you or someone you know has been hurt by paypal and want to join the fight, email us no cost to you..Just your horror story.It is that simple
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my 5 accounts closed by ebay and paypal for no reason and i dont have any answer


my 5 accounts closed by ebay and paypal for no reason and i dont have any answer


I would like to join you,after 180 days paypal did not return my money that they freeze, my email is tom.mission2010@***.com


I am on the opposite side. I ordered a set of workout dvd's from ebay and used paypal.

They took my money and I never received my product. The seller did not send the dvd's in a timely manner as promised. They were shipped 2 weeks past the date we were told we would receive them! I am very dissatisfied with Paypal!

They did nothing to back up my purchase which was why I thought it was a good idea to use them.

What a huge ripoff!! It is an even bigger ripoff when you have to use them to buy off of ebay.


I also have a 180 day hold on my funds of 1,800 i sent them all the information they asked for and they still will not release the money. They have had it since feb 2011Here is my email i would like to join the lawsuite newyucca@***.com


Paypal is holding my money for 180 days because they say that it is associated with another account, which has nothing to do with me at all. Also they already held my funds for 21 days, this is ridiculous, I need to file case or get a lawyer, i really néed advice.

Because they are really horrible in the customer service department, theybare extremely rude and inconsiderate self absorbed *** with no life! I have over 700 dollars in that account

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#226383 Review #226383 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Santa Monica, California

Direct Line Comm/Live TV On PC

Direct Line Comm/Live TV On PC/TVDEVO all of supposingly Digital TV services on PC are scams outfits in my opionion and offer nothing more than what you can find yourself on the internet. Paypal is their "bank" of choice for payment and there is no resolution available through paypal because disputes involving "services" as opposed to a "tangible" item can't be substantiated, per paypal. And the phone number provided to contact these companies are answered by a recorded messaging service and messages left are not returned. I've canceled my account with paypal for assoociation with scammers.
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Fell for TV/DEVO. Contacted Paypal escalated from a dispute to a claim 10 days later money was refunded.


I've had the same problem with that company. Non of the channels work in Australia.

I have filed for a refund, and so far almost 10 days have gone past where they have not made contact with paypal.

Hopefully paypal will do the right thing and return my $19.95! Good luck to you!

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#224800 Review #224800 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
Paypal Account
New Reviewer

Paypal did not fix a scam well known!

Paypal and Iphone unlocker pro .com are at fault on this ripp-off!! iphone unlocker pro .com took my money from paypal for a service i bought to unlock iphones. they had a 100% garuntee this will work or you will get a full refound no questions asked it is on there site in writing .I call the number and no answer at all ....then I contacted there support and they told me to try looking on youtube for a i said what did I pay for then ? never heard from them again and they closed out my pass word to get to the support and software area,told paypal and they dumped the case and no money.......paypal sucks too
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All is well with me. Paid via paypal as well.

I jailbreak and unlocked my iphone 4 on iOS 4.3.3 just as the website claimed. I would highly recommend utilizing this website and their service.


Hmm.. Paid thru Paypal and there seems to be no problem.

iPhone Unlocker Pro was able to unlock my iPhone 4 in a matter of minutes and it wasn't all that complicated. Definitely recommended.


Same thing happened to me!! Its so unfair there needs to be more out there warning people about this site!


paypal ripped me off too

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#224031 Review #224031 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Chicago, Illinois
New Reviewer

Paypal took money from my bank without my knowledge

Something happend with a client that used paypal. Paypal took the money out of accounts which that client paid including $800 directly from my bank account, plus $45 processing fee. When I got on the phone with them after much much drama and three way calling, they put the money back in my account minus $45 processing fee, and by the end of this whole deal, paypal took around $150 out of my money and I did nothing to them, nor did I know what was going on. They are a bank but they think they don't have to operate after the rules of the banks. I wish another program will get invented which I can use instead of this evil Paypal operation. I try to use it only when there is no other way. Paypal is evil, bad, I try to stay away from ever having to use it.
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Trying to work out what's going on. Paypal transferred 100 dollars out of my bank account to my Paypal account.

The amount is still mine, it's just now with Paypal. I did not authorize them to to do this and am totally stumped as to the reasoning behind it.

My Paypal is set up to only take money when I buy stuff, and only then to pay for whatever it is I'm buying. This could have been a problem when it came to pay bills, they did it right at the beginning of the month.


they did this 3 times to me already


If this is true this is totally scary! Especially that they took money out of your bank account.

I had no idea they were authorized to do that without your consent.

The reason I started to use pay pal is so that only the amount in pay pal is at risk. I see it as a barrier to protect my bank account.

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#223483 Review #223483 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Los Angeles, California

PAYPAL invaded my privacy

I am a US citzen born here and have only left the country once for a wekend in Canada 10 years ago. I am newbie to Paypal and thought it legit; only to find out they can unilaterally freeze your account and invade your credit card and bank account and privacy and send Equifax after you and all of this , according to "Rick" in their service department, is their right via the Patriot Act. His statemnt that they can monitor your activity like any bank ( although we have never had such a privacy invasion from a bank in the 52 years we have lived here since birth ! ) and his rude attitude clearly demonstrates a company out of control. Please do not fall victim to these people by using Paypal or Ebay as you give up your identity to them and they are obviously distributing your private information.
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#222579 Review #222579 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Charlotte, North Carolina
New Reviewer Continues to Profit from Known Counterfeiters' Internet Sales is obviously running one heck of a huge racket by profiting from internet sales (scams) by known counterfeiters. With ample evidence supplied to about counterfeiters using to victimize buyers who receive pirated, bootleg, copyright violating, inauthentic goods through USPS mail, knowingly continues to allow counterfeits to post their logo on such scammers' websites, especially Ioffer and Ebay. And why wouldn't they since their profits are enormous? does not honor section 13.5 of their user agreement under disputes: "If you lose a Significantly Not as Described Claim because the item you sold is counterfeit, you will be required to provide a full refund to the buyer and you will not receive the item back (it will be destroyed)." This is not what's resolution center does to victimed buyers of counterfeit items! Instead, sets forth the condition requiring scammed buyers to illegally ship counterfeit items (evidence of number felonies) being investigated as US Mail Fraud, Internet Crimes, Copyright Violations, Violating the US Federal Trade Commission's 2006 US Safe Web Act amendments back to the counterfeiting seller! Not only is shipping counterfeit items via USPS a federal crime, but destroying evidence while federal investigations are underway is too. Shame on PayPal. Seems it is time to find an attorney who wants to get involved with a major lawsuit against PayPal since so many buyers have become victimed by PayPal.
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#220931 Review #220931 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Roanoke, Virginia

Paypal customer service and login nightmare

Sarah - PayPal : Hi. I'm Sarah, PayPal's automated customer support assistant. How can I help you today? You : don't know full bank account information - why the heck do you ask such *** questions for verification of security??? Sarah - PayPal : PayPal asks you to confirm your bank account or apply for a PayPal card to give your PayPal account a Verified status. This increases security within the PayPal community and limits the risk from fake identities. Completing the verification process gives you the following benefits: - More spending power: we remove your sending limit. - Greater confidence: buyers and sellers trust the verified status. - Added flexibility: you get more ways to pay. Would you like to become PayPal verified? -Yes -No You : I'm already verified. I am just trying to log in. Why do I have to re-verify just to log in??? Sarah - PayPal : PayPal members are asked to complete different verification processes to increase the security of their PayPal account. Would you like more information on why you should confirm your: -PayPal account -Bank -Credit card or debit card You : *** no. I just want to use my account. But I don't think I should have to carry my bank info everywhere I go or memorize my full account number to use your site. Why are you torturing your customers??? Sarah - PayPal : I'm afraid I didn't understand your question. Can you ask it more simply? You : Log me into my account! Is that simple enough? Sarah - PayPal : I'm about to repeat the same information. You can either see that information again or ask me a new question. You : Log me in. Log me in. Sarah - PayPal : I found the following information, which could be helpful. I can't log in to my account. My PayPal account is limited or restricted. You : I can't log in to my account. Sarah - PayPal : Would you like to: -Recover your login email -Recover your password -Access a restricted account You : human human human please Sarah - PayPal : I don't know exactly what you mean. Can you be a little more specific about the issue? You : get that *** look off your face, computer. I see what you are doing. You are going to test my patience until I break something in my home. I won't let you. Sarah - PayPal : I'm afraid I didn't understand your question. Can you ask it more simply? You : You are wasting my time, Paypal wench. Now get my account info Sarah - PayPal : I'm sorry I haven't been able to assist you. I'm a virtual agent, so I can't answer everything. If you'd like to try rephrasing your question, I'll do my best to try to answer. You : Do it! Do it now! Sarah - PayPal : You can update your account information on your Profile page. Here's how: 1. Log in to your PayPal account, using this link. 2. Click the appropriate link to adjust your account information. Before we continue, was the information I gave you helpful? -Yes, this was helpful -No, this was not helpful Sarah - PayPal : The page is opening in another window. You may need to log in to see it. I'm right here if you have any other questions. You : No, this was not helpful Sarah - PayPal : Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Sarah - PayPal : The page is opening in another window. You may need to log in to see it. I'm right here if you have any other questions.
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i'm having the same problem


If you will verify your bank account when you are home, this whole thing is moot.

They do not require that information *to log in* - that process requires only username and password.

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#218651 Review #218651 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Paypal Account
New Reviewer

PayPal cant speak english or help me with the scam on my acct

Someone hacked my ebay account and way ordering stuff and charging my paypal..I had a old bank account attached to my paypal since i hadnt updated it.. so it had like $5 in it. Anyway after I notified ebay and paypal that the acct had been hacked and I wanted the pending charged removed paypal said they couldnt help me. They couldnt remove the charges nor give me my money back and if my back acct. overdrafted, that it was my fault. So i had to transfer money from one acct to anoter to pay for someone elses stuff so I wouldnt overdraft. All pay pal told me is , I could add another bank acct or card to my account and they would charge that one after my bank account overdrafted. I could hardly understand any of this because these foregioners could barely speak english, so I dont think they can understand the problem of an overdrafting account. Horrible customer service. I asked to speak to her manager and he was even ruder.
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yeah the people taking your calls don't know what bank acts are they keep all of their money in their pocket

#217090 Review #217090 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Mason City, Iowa
New Reviewer

Lets Kill Paypal and Ebay

Has PayPal placed a 21 Day or 180 Day Hold on ALL your funds out of the blue? Did you get the: "Get a Subpoena" reply when you asked why? ( If you were lucky enough to even GET a reply ) This is most likely the reason why you found my site, and I am here to tell you, that PayPal and eBay WILL be held accountable for this! On May 12th 2010, a Class Action Lawsuit WAS filed against PayPal and its sister company eBay for their acts of Holding YOUR money, without justification, reasonable cause to do such and without any explanation. You can view the Court Document by clicking Here Tens of thousands of people have been victimized, financially ruined and or choked out of business due to PayPal's "systematic and arbitrary" freezing of people's money, without cause, reason or explanation. The reasons for PayPal & eBay to due such, seem to be clear by those whom have fell victim to these 2 companies: Greed and Profits! Just think of all the INTEREST PayPal earns on victims money over the 180 Days they hold it! We're talking about MULTI-MILLIONS of Dollars, some of which is YOUR money, earning THOUSANDS of dollars DAILY for PayPal, while YOU suffer without! Then, when ( or if ) they decide to give you back your money after they generate interest off of it, they'll GLADLY keep the interest earned! ( And maybe give themselves a nice FAT raise while they're at it! ) If this infuriates you, as much as it does the rest of us, and you want to be part of the Class Action Lawsuit against these 2 "companies", just contact the Law Firm listed below to have your name added to the Lawsuit. Please mention the "" website, as this is where it all began, and how the Class Action came to life. FREED & WEISS, LLC 1-86*-779-**** 702 347 ****
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I'd be most happy to see Paypal die.. they have stolen enough money from us, its time to do something.

I personally have fired them as my client. They renigged on their agreement to receive money for me and then give it to me, for a fee.

I've paid my fees, but they are keeping my money, and as long as they *** well want to. They are unethical liars.


Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!



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Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!

Atlantic Sea Farms Complaint by Va Reef

Article Index

Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!

Page 2

You were reading a complaint about Atlantic Sea Farms.

Filing a new complaint about







Page 1 of 2These guys are nothing but a scam". They post ridiculous things on the internet trying to promote themselves but it is all a lie;. They have on multiple occasion’s posed as other people when they are getting truthful reviews trying to make themselves look better'. The owner is extremely shady and will lie to you at every turn|. Sometimes you get what you pay for and with Atlantic Sea Farms it is cheap for a reason'. They have multiple issues with their coral, fish, inverts and packaging|. They are moving to a new location and they are trying to revamp the business but they are also trying to sell their livestock out of a industrial location to the local public which is illegal, but that is for another conversation with the local authorities". They are not legitimate on any level, do not believe anything they say and look out for posts that only say good things posted by the people that are associated with them,. It is easy to spot because it is used over and over again. 104a1ec 0 3 0 Like this Dislike this Report spam var imName='/lib/pc-1px-gif.php?jos_article_id=229092'; document.write('');


  Comments (19)1. Written by Big *** on May 29, 2011 You must either have a little *** or be really short but best guess is both. Grow up...Report2. Written by concerned customer on May 23, 2011 What I find interesting is that all the cheerleaders are coming to this site all the sudden. I think that the original post might be right partially. This is just another example of a company who can’t take criticism. If you are in business you have to take in the bad and the good. If these are actually real people they are local which means #1 they did not get the items shipped to them, #2 they are not a good example to recognize because it is not shipped, #3 they were probably told to put up the reviews because the truth hurts.Report3. Written by Thomas on May 20, 2011 +1 on Jimmy always being a great retailer. You will find those hornets grow well also, I started with 3 from him 6 weeks ago before his move and now I have 17. TomReport4. Written by The Real Todd on May 20, 2011 Yeah, Jimi's new place is starting to come together nicely. Was in there with Ian today - picked up some Purple Hornets (thanks for the hook up man!). Ian was a little bummed that Brody wasn't there, but he was happy since all of Jimi's fish are like dogs anyway Report5. Written by Lee on May 20, 2011 Swung by Atlantic Sea Farms and saw Jimmy, place looks great, picked up some Zoos and an awesome candy cane. Thank you Jimmy.   He has a great setup, if you haven't been there you should swing by and take a look.  LeeReport6. Written by ole salty on May 20, 2011 stopped by the new place to day. looking good in there picked up a few sps today and will most likely be there again before the week is out. Great prices as usual.Report7. Written by michael on May 5, 2011 all corals were in bad shape out of 14 corals 2 made it poor quality will not order again cant even get ahold of to resolve out my $$$$$$$Report8. Written by Mike on April 30, 2011 I went to the new shop this weekend wow! I was amazed at how much much corals he had. Dont believe this *** posted on here its not true. If your skeptical go there in person and check it out. The person on here posting all this negative stuff is just someone whos obviously mad because there losing business to atlantic sea farms.Report9. Written by Dillon on April 21, 2011 I am not sure about the new place, but I did not care for the greenhouse. It was not really for customers in my opinion like what has been said here. I would suffice to say that even the new location probably is lackluster as well. People are going to be nice and tell him to his face it is nice but when the leave they are saying wow what a dump. If I were to measure0 to 10 the level of professionalism it would be a 6 or 7, the coral is a 5 to 6, the physical store a 3 to 4, the fish 4 to 5, filtration, 2 to 3, the rock 4 to 5 and I did not see any of the equipment so I cannot rate it but it is the same thing that anyone else can get so I guess it would be as good as the equipment out of the box is.Report10. Written by SPSguy on March 31, 2011 I like ASF but I will agree with some of the comments. It is small and nothing above ordinary. It is a great place to look around but don’t expect to find much in the way of high end corals. I am not sure if they sell fish but there was some there, again nothing special. The pricing is in line with some of the online people and cheap for the Hampton Roads area. I would say that it may be worth the trip and it will be a better experience than going to Reef Chief.Report function x () { return; } function ac_smilie(thesmile) { document.akocommentform.comment.value += " "+thesmile+" "; document.akocommentform.comment.focus(); } function validate(){ if (document.akocommentform.comment.value==''){ alert("Please insert at least a comment related to the topic!"); } else if (document.akocommentform.acname.value==''){ alert("Validate name"); }else { document.akocommentform.action = 'index.php/comment'; document.akocommentform.submit(); } }Comments on Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!• Keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject.• Personal attacks will be deleted.• No Links or Scripts.Name:Comment: Code:* I wish to be contacted by email regarding additional commentsPrev - Next >>


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Beijing, Beijing

PayPal has dominated merchants but won't allow account changes

We have not used PayPal since changing e-mail address and phone number and now we are 'permanently locked out'. After a frustrating entire day with P/P Customer (non)service, we ended up having to cancel the account because they can't change the e-mail and phone number (what?). They told us at one point that everything was changed and issued a code number that would finish the changes. It didn't work. They said that they would cancel the account and that we should open a new one. We tried to open a new account but P/P tells us that we are already registered with the NEW e-mail address (what?). Guess we won't be using any merchants demanding Pay (not your)Pal.
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Placerville, California
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PayPal froze my funds for no reason. Then asked for a picture of my passport, social security card amd more. After I provided all of this for their ridiculous demands, they left my account frozen anyways. I was told I could still refund people who sent me money so I sent out refunds so they could return the money by check. But then paypal went on to take the money out of my bank account, in an unauthorized withdrawal. Now my bank is going to have to dispute the unauthorized charges PayPal made. The account staff at paypal are out of there minds.
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Silver Spring, Maryland
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