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This is a paste and copy from my email from the CFPB responding to my complaint and my email to the CFPB.

This is a copy and paste of the email that I sent to the CFPB and their answer. I can't address it to anyone because they don't give names. See below:

By the way do you people at the CFPB have names or did you get this skill from GE and PayPal? You state that this letter April 20, 2012 addresses all the issues for file 120406-000003? Well, let me see, I don't see an explanation for how my card security fee went from $101.43 to $107.48 to $113.53 to $115.78! There is no explanation on this letter about why I was charged a late fee when mail was picked up at 8:30 pm! I don't see an explanation about why on my statements there has been $364.25 & that famous $6.05 which adds up to $370.30 being on my statements for months! Where is that $15.00 at on the statements you know the check they insist that they sent me yet it doesn't show anywhere on my statements? What's up with that $101.43 that is on this letter April 20, 2012? NO ONE HAS TOLD ME WHERE MY $75.00 CREDIT WENT TO ALONG WITH THE $50.00 CREDIT GE STATED THEY GAVE ME IN MANY LETTERS? Last but not least this factual dispute which clearly shows in all the letters from GE Capital Retail Bank making statements and contradicting many of their own letters in their own writing is a FACTUAL DISPUTE on a continuous basis? Even going so far as to just make up numbers and names and undermine and change what they say in their letters contradicting themselves in their own answers? I think it's a joke the CFPB bureau investigates themselves you know "ombudsman". You are a totally useless agency and I don't know why you were even created and I'm paying in tax dollars along with every single person for this type of behavior and investigations. I don't know "WTF" you are doing with our tax dollars really. Are you so busy with so many complaints about corruption and banks and companies getting away with crime, stealing, lying etc., that you just can't handle it? There is something rotten in Denmark here and I along with all the other tax payers would like to know what? I would be ashamed of myself if I sent letters and decisions out as *** and clueless that you have. Don't contact me anymore really I'm totally disgusted with you I have wasted too much time and money for nothing. Since you have stated that you don't deal with this type of problem I will have to file a complaint against Bank of America for apparently lying as has been stated soooooo many times in the letters from GE they just keep insisting that they only took out $374.25 even though it clearly shows $389.25! So who knows maybe Bank of America pocketed that $15.00. I will not be sending anything to you anymore. I will find more websites besides the ones I already have that talk about just how screwed up America is when it comes to MONEY and facts and our glorious state and federal agencies assisting them in screwing us and wasting our time and money! It must be nice to just bundle up all those documents into one pile & state case closed no matter how many subjects there are or issues in the complaints. Heck you even send complaints to companies that are not mentioned anywhere in the complaint! What a joke! Oh, the reason I have different colors and font's is because maybe it will help you to read and pay attention!

Do not contact me any further CFPB Ombudsmun the agency that polices themselves! I have wasted enough time and money! You will be blocked from sending me anymore *** in emails and I will not be filing any complaints with you. In fact I will filing a claim against you for all the money and time that I wasted in listening to you and telling me what you need just to have nothing done. I will send them to other state and federal agencies that can at least read and absorb what they read. From: "" To: Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 3:58 PMSubject: Follow-up to your inquiry with the CFPB Ombudsman's OfficeMs. Klisiak – Thank you again for contacting the CFPB Ombudsman’s Office. As the Ombudsman’s Office, we have the ability to see the same system that the CFPB consumer team uses, so that we can better understand what is happening with a consumer complaint. Based on our review, this email is to provide you with an update re the two consumer complaints you highlighted for us:

120406-000003 – As you indicated, it appears that your financial institution responded to your CFPB consumer complaint with the April 2012 letter they sent to you previously. Sometimes we see that where a financial institution does not have a new response that they will reply with a response they have developed previously, which appears to be the situation here. We understand that the CFPB consumer team does not resolve factual disputes. In this circumstance, they determined that you and the financial institution have a different view of the facts. From our perspective, it does appear that the CFPB is following its regular procedure by not resolving a factual difference, so unfortunately there is nothing for us to recommend they do further on this complaint.

130306-000011 – In researching this complaint, it does appear that it was sent to the wrong financial institution and should, instead, have been added to an existing complaint. We have reached out to the CFPB consumer team to understand this further and will follow-up with you as soon as we have more information.

Thank you,

CFPB Ombudsman’s Office

Tel: 855 830 7880 (Toll-free)Fax: 202 435 7888consumerfinance.govConfidentiality Notice: If you received this email by mistake, you should notify the sender of the mistake and delete the e-mail and any attachments. An inadvertent disclosure is not intended to waive any privileges.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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