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Paypal. Inc. Is Far From Being As Honest And Fair As They Used To Be!
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Back around my birthday, believe it or Not which was on Saturday, February 13, 2016, I tried to send my contractor a payment via Paypal and it would Not go through... I sent out numerous complaint letters to find out Why it was Not working and they would Not tell me a *** thing and also would Not help me either and kept referring me to contact the merchant and have him contact Paypal to try and work out his Limitation Problem. Well, he... Read more

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In Jan 2016, I began donating $20.00 per month to Pamela Geller thru paypal. In March I called paypal and requested to discontinue the payments, cancel my donation and refund my payments. I have yet to receive anything from paypal, however Ms Geller did refund $20.00. Then this month paypal again debited my bank account of $20.00 payable to Pamela Geller. I have tried to get in touch with them but given the run-around after the first call.... Read more

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Terrible experience. Rude staff, collecting interests on my money for 6 months is not authorized. I will be persuing them to the fullest extent of law. Add comment

Paypal is breaking federal and state laws, the internet crime task force has done nothing to stop them, i showed proof of delivery of an item, furthermore i updated my account information with them to verify my identity as they asked. No negitive feedback and no buyer complaints filed ever on my account ever, and they even confirmed with the buyer that they recived there item. They decided to freeze my account with $$3900 dollars for no reason... Read more

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100% FULL

I am a 110% positive feedback with ebay and no issues with paypal for many years. A customer wanted to return a non refundabale item and filed a complaint that the item was not authentic and not as described. Before she bought we confirmed the item was not refundable. Paypal held funds giving me neg. balance which I restored and closed my account for business. I offered to submit documentation from myself and the store but they did not want. I... Read more

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I had a "free trial" with a company called in which to begin the free trial you must submit some form of payment info. After the free trial I was not impressed and cancelled. Received notification of such. Two days later looked at my bank account and I had been debited not only once fraudulently but three separate debits for a yearly subscription. Contacted paypal and their response was basically "take it up with the company" I... Read more

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4/5/2016, Just heard that Pay pal was pulling out of placing jobs in Charlotte NC due to discrimination concerning NC Governor Pat McCorey's decision on non gender restrooms. Well Pay pal you are discriminating against the people in this area that are worried about putting our children in harms way by opening the door for potential perverts to use restrooms that our children and women may be using. Let them have their own bathrooms, I don't... Read more

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I use to have a company that did business using a merchant account with paypal, We did over 100K in business with them over several years and never had any complaints, Just to explain the minimum charge our customers would do is 5,000.00 dollars some would pay us over 30,000 dollars. Then in September of 2015 we had a customer that wanted us to do work for him His total contract was 88,000.00 Dollars of which he paid 32,0000.00 in deposits using... Read more

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The Seller Kenneth Lund sold the product as new, but when it was shipped to me it was used products out of a junk yard. Contacted Paypal. They said ship it back, they would reimburse me for the shipping. Their site said that I was reimbursed back to my discover card and to this date it has not been credited. I also submitted a receipt the 51.65 for the shipping and they will not be responsible for the return shipping even though the Seller... Read more

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On Feb 26, 2016, I placed an order online through I paid for the order using On March 1, 2016 a package from GearBest was delivered to my home; my son accepted the package, not knowing the contents of the order. When I returned home on March 3, 2016 I immediately saw that only 2 of the 6 items ordered were shipped, so I tired to contact Gearbest but their contact form was not working. I waited for hours for the... Read more

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